Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last on the List Again.

But that's ok.  He's not even on my list.  And my list is short.  Matters not as I will go my own way today.  We are taking Maggie to the vet this morning.  I will go along so I can ask my questions and also get the true answers as Hunter tends to get it wrong, or ignore it.  If  I don't go along he will get mad at any questions I have regarding the visit to the vet.  He's often says...."Go ask them/him or her yourself!"  He is unable to just communicate like an adult except on occasion with other people.  That is ...when he's not telling them what they should be doing or lying about what he himself has done.I

He can't wake me up today to tell me what to do.  I have been up since before 4 am.  Went to bed at about 6 pm.  Almost fell asleep coming home from my therapist.  Truly, I was nodding off.  So I made dinner immediately when I got home and also took my clothes off the line.  That was all I could manage.  Will do the rest today.  See?  When I get awaken-especially without enough sleep- I am walking through my day halfway awake.

I made the coffee and walked Maggie around the block.  I guess that was the wrong thing to do-according to the "lord and master" of the world-as he needed a stool sample to bring to the vet.  Well she pooped twice for me.  I picked up the one and threw it in the trash-in a bag-and left the other one as it was at the corner house that is abandoned and has very tall grass.  He's like...we can pick that up to take to the vet.  Hm.  I told him to just take the one that's already in the bag, in the trash cart.  It was so funny when I let Maggie out of her kennel.  She ran to her dish to look for food as I ran to the leash to take her outside.  Ha!  I win! 

I may just start going to bed at 6pm every evening.  There is one benifit that I really appreciate.  It is 63 degrees out!!!!  Will be in the upper 80's again today so I am definetly enjoying this.

I need to thank all of you that commented on the post about me being nobody's anything.  They meant so much to me.  I don't know if you can understand the depth of my gratitude.  Filled me with teary-eyed JOY!

OK.  I know I didn't spell everything correctly but when I hit spell-check, it gave me the message that spell-check isn't working correctly and to try again, which I did.  Still no response.  Feel free to take out your red pencil, cross out the wrong words and send it back to me.  I will try to correct my errors.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

As always....thinking of you.
Sending (((hugs)))Pat

Rob-bear said...

Blessings and Bear hugs from a Bear who cannot be bothered with a red pencil. Or a blue one (any more).

Grammy Goodwill said...

I like your idea of going to bed at 6 to beat the heat. I am so sick of this extreme heat. I'm sorry but I did giggle at the two of you arguing about which stool sample to take. hehehe

Comeca Jones said...

Humph ur better than me I wouldn't collected sh#%t literally or figuratively lol!ummm did I spell that right lol?!

Nikki (Sarah) said...

Hey Middle Child...did I read right???? 68 degrees??? Can you blow it over here. It's so hot that all we can do it conk out and hide with the A/C. :)