Monday, September 8, 2014

And this is one of my homework assignments.

Yes it is true.  But my screen is soo tiny and my vision so blurry.  So I am here nkytbaww1

Monday, July 28, 2014

Georgia on my mind.

Trip.    Drip.
Wet.    Sweat.

While we are in Georgia George is taking care of Maggie. She adores him.  And he likewise adores her..

And we want to come back to this beautiful place when the weather isn't so dangerously hot/humid.'  Having a good time despite the sweat heat.
Son, grandson and 3 of his friends came.  DIL and grand daughter came just for the one night.  They spent most of the day swimming.  I imagine Florida people get used to this weather.  I am not a Florida people.  Ha!
Leaving bright and early tomorrow morning.   And Chuck wants to drive straight home.  There is nowhere we have to be so why he always gets like a horse running back to the barn I will never know.
My new love?  First it was Starbucks Caramel Crunch Frappiccino w/extra caramel.  But at $5.75 ea......Too expensive.  So I have discovered the Starbucks Vanilla Frappiccine in a 4-pack for $4.99.  Yum-oh!!!
Went to flea market, downtown to the market square where they have these little bitty cookies that everyone recommended.  Also the downtown along the river which is way cool.  And next time when the weather is indeed cooler.....we will go on a carriage ride, and the ghostly hearse tour and so on.  Also spend more time at the beach on Tybee Island.  So many rowdy and  scantily clad  friendly women.

Off on another ride.  See ya soon!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Smoothie Challenge.

I am at Dawn's and so I have internet.  I am beyond excited.!  Well except for the fact that I agreed to do something Meadow asked me to do if I was willing. 

We did the "smoothie challenge." We had 14 items (7 good, 7 bad) six bases (3 good, 3 bad) and three glass sizes. Shot glass, meduim glass and larged glass. At random, we picked the things we would use (which were writen on pieces of paper previously, and put into a hat.)

For the good items, we had: Cookie spread, Nutella, Karo syrup, Strawberries, Mandarin Oranges, Icing, and Peanut butter. For the bad items, we had: Tartar sauce, Hot sauce, Beef Boullion cubes, Salsa, Mushrooms, and Bacon and Cheddar crackers.

For our good bases, we had: Juice, Milk, and Half and half. For the bad bases, we had: Orange soda, Diet Tonic Water, and Tea with lemon.

I got mandarin oranges, cheddar and bacon crackers, hot sauce, beef boullion cubes and mushrooms...with an orange soda base, of course.

While Meadow got strawberries, nutella, karo syrup, icing, and cookie spread..with a juice base.

When it came time to randomly pick our glass sizes, I picked shot glass, and she got medium sized.

How Meadow choked it down I will never know.  Brave girl.

So another fun day.

"Stayin' alive. Stayin' alive."

Yeah.  Still here.  I told Chuck that what I want for my birthday is my computer connection/wireless working.   That means that I should be back among the living in about a month.
I am going to my daughter's for a couple days.  It will be hard for her to be alone on her 21st anniversary considering her hubby hasn't even seen the kids in 6  monthes.  He doesn't communicate at all will Dawn and has basically deserted them.  But je does put his paycheck in the acct so Dawn can pay bills.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


For my birthday my daughter wants to get us matching tattoos.   I am excited about this.   It would be my first.   It will be tough as we like different types of fonts and designs.  I like clean and simple.   She likes curly cues and fonts that I can barely read.  She likes the froo-froo and I like to see exactly what the tattoo is and what it says.  Will let you know if this comes to pass.

Seems like I have been so busy lately and I really don't feel like I do anything.   Exercise 3x a week..  nails done....going through stuff for church sale.  Going to a wedding in Minnesota soon.   Laundry is well, you know...Mount Washmore as they say.

And then there's the mowing.  I know.  But it will probably show up in any post I wrote until it starts to snow.

Gotta go to make popcorn for my husbands dinner.  What?   He just called and asked me to.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Too bad I don't have working computer hook-up at home.

Not a shot but a 7 7.uld do a really good job of blunk drogging.  But alas I am on my phone at the VFW where they have put me on their WIFI.  My lips are numb so you know damn well it woulda been funny.   Errr now we are talking about Viagra.  Apple pie shots are yummy.  Made with Everclear.  Yum-o.  Love you.  "Hi B.J.  I haven't forgotten you. "

Monday, May 19, 2014

I've got my eye on you.

Just tell me what you think....for real.

What do you think of this?  I am looking for the truth here.   i will not be offended if you want to say it sucks.  I am a grandma so i know i am biased.  My grand daughter Meadow drew this with charcoals.  She turned 14 in January.   She does not take art classes in school.  I think it is exquisite.   My mother was an artist who studied at the Art Institute in Chicago.  Ii hope lottajoy sees this.  I greatly admire her work.  Coffey, if you see this please ask her to pop over here.  Thanks!