Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Get Your Balls Off My Porch!

Hunter woke me up after I'd only had 6 hours of sleep.  "Come on.  Wake up and get going!"
Me.  "Where are we going?"
Hunter.  "Get up!  You have housework to do."
I obeyed like a pussy.  So I got up and without even sweeping and vacuuming the two small floors, I mopped them with one of those "pretend" mops where you put the wet thingie on it.  And while this is probably an excuse.....Why would I be inspired to do anything in those two rooms?  There is still no baseboards in either room and while the door is framed out and the door is in place, there is no moulding around it.  Yup!  "Step right up ladies and gentlemen!  See the naked lady standing at the sink!"  No charge as the bathroom is right off the kitchen. House is over 100 years old so yeah, that's how they did it back then.  Guess I should be glad I don't have to go out back to an outhouse.  I actually think I would prefer that.
I haven't even cleaned the porch this year.  I have chairs which I would like to replace as they are over 30 years old.  But to be fair, you can't find "real" chairs out there.  I would like some nice big real wood chairs.  I always put a picture on the porch right between the 2 windows.  And often put up sheers that gently sway in the breeze.  I put them only on the side where the sun hits.  It really is kind of sexy.  This year my "table" is a carved monkey holding a round base at the top.  If you like it.....fine.  Damn sure I didn't pick it out. Another one of the overpriced things Hunter purchased at the taxidermist's.  Yeah, from the guy who owes us $25,000.

Ahhhhh.  Title issue solved.  See, I was going to tell you about the fact that after our garage sale, Hunter's put his work-out balls on the porch along with the pump.  They have been out here rolling around for aver a month now.  First he said he was taking them to the club where he works out.  Well, he actually joined right before we left for vacation for a month and a half.  He purchased a 3 month membership.  Went about 3 times.  What?  No, it's ok.  This is usual for him.  Then--since that didn't happe- he said the neighbor ladies grand daughter was going to take them.  Didn't happen either.  I  just asked him-as he came out front to tell me he was going to a guys house and would be gone a half hour-what he was going to do with the balls.  Well first I asked if he wanted to take them to Gary's house and through them in the pond.  He responded that he was going to punch holes in them and throw them in the garbage.  Fine with me!

I have a load of laundry to hang on the line before I go to my therapist.  Had my permanent crown put on yesterday.  We went to church last night.  Bought another camera to replace the one I can't find the receipt for.  And I bought a damn warranty-which I don't believe in-because knowing me......
Anyway, it is good for an additional 2 years after the manufacturers one year warranty runs out.  BTW, I kept the old camera as the battery and chargers ore fine.  If I should happen to find the reciept before November, I can still return it.  Pray I find it.

Alarm on phone just went off which means my clothes are ready to be hung.
Have decided if Hunter starts the money thing with me again-that allowance crap and all-I will just tell him that I am not having this conversation again.  That we are married.  If he continues.....I will either walk away or tell him he is an idiot and that he needs to learn what being married is all about and then I will walk away.


Rob-bear said...

Oh, dear. Not a very good start on the day — you going through all that stuff, and me reading it.

I do hope the rest of the day goes better, and that you find that receipt. You've probably put it in a very safe place — so safe that you cannot find it. Sigh!

Wanda's Wings said...

I don't think I would take being got up to do housework. Maybe that's why I'm divorced. lol

Grammy Goodwill said...

He woke you up to tell you to do housework??? That sounds like a nightmare to me. I sure hope you find your camera receipt.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I'm afraid I would roll over in the bed and tell him if he wants housework done, he should feel free to go ahead and do it. As for his balls, I might roll them out to the driveway, where he parks his car, and see if he would get rid of them when he pulled in to try to park his car. I hope you find your receipt. I keep saying that I have a special spot where I keep all of my receipts. I'm afraid I actually have about 20special spots - depending on where I happen to be standing when I decide to save a receipt! laurie

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I pray that you find that camera receipt and I pray that you find your way out of THIS MESS.
Yup, I know it seems insurmountable as I too can't see my life much different.
If it wasn't my hubby, it's now the grown kids and then the grands that need me that keeps me staying PUT. (((hugs))) and (((hugs)))Pat

momto8 said...

if someone in this house has a complaint they should get right on it and not bother me about it...especially housework!! I would have them vacuuming in their sleep!

Jimmy said...

Oh Yeah, I can see me waking Miss Cindy up and telling her to get the housework done, my typing fingers most likely would cease to work.

Hope your day gets better my Friend.