Sunday, October 7, 2012

This is the first time I've made an appt. for sex.

So I am sitting out on the porch and Hunter comes out.  He wanted to know if I was up for some "afternoon delight."  Of course I always am except for when I'm not.  He says whenever.  I said now.  He said he was going to tear out some of the garden first.  So I asked when.  He said two o'clock.
Yup!  I officially had and appt. for sex.  How weird is that?

Now that I don't work, Sundays are the longest day of the week.  Why is that?  I guess it's because I don't think about getting ready for work the next day.  Church is at 9 and we are out by 10.  But around dinner time it is hard to believe it's still Sunday.

Yeah.  Sex and church in the same post.  I'm like that.  I don't think about what I should or shouldn't say.  It's just me.  It's who I am.

I have a question about texting.  Whenever I text my daughter-in-law or my grand daughter....I always get a one word text back.  I don't like that.  I texted Meadow asking how her game was.  She replied, "Fine."  No word about who won or what the score was.  So is that the way texting is supposed to work.  I mean, is it an unwritten rule or something?

Oddly my fingers are numb.  It must be kinda cold out here.

I see my GP tomorrow to see if I need a med. adjustment.  I am so tired everyday and I think it's the thyroid medicine.  I need to be awake!  I'll be happy if he prescribes a good slap in the face every morning if I thought it would work.

Oh.  And Penny the Jack Russel Terrier and Internet star will be amused by this.....
Maggie was playing yesterday though not quite as exuberantly as she usually does.  Then she slowed way down, plopped down on her side and pooped with out even moving.  I mean, the poops just came out.  She was lethargic for a little while but perked up soon there after.  What was that all about?

Will let you know if the Dr. changes my meds. or tells me to take a cold shower twice a day or what.  Ooooo.  Maybe he'll prescribe unlimited naps!


Unknown said...

Keep a close eye on that dog.

Rob-bear said...

What I love about you, MIddle Child, is that, even when you're deep in "something," you can still be funny. Hilarious, even.

Making an appointment for sex? Boomers have been doing that since at least the 1960s. But Boomers make an appointment for just about everything.

Sex in church. According to Midwest Teen Sex Show sex in church is good because the church is usually quiet and clean, though, the lady said it was straight ticket to Hell. I don't believe the last thought, but, well. . . .

Oh, wait, sorry! Go that a bit mixed up. Sex and church, you said. (Bear is easily befuddled these days.)

Hope your encounter with your GP goes well tomorrow. Dr. Bear's advice: unlimited napping is good, and highly recommended!

Yaya said...

You never fail to make me chuckle with your posts!

Unknown said...

where is my appointment ? lol

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Yes INDEED...we are sisters!
Oh how I FEEL FOR US m/f.
I shit you not!

Gnetch said...

I hate one-word replies on text too. Especially when I send like 4 questions and all I get is "K."

Pearl said...

I think appts for sex are both efficient and amusing. I'm behind you on that one, girl!

As for texting, yes: it's brief and one should not expect too much. :-)


lotta joy said...

If you can still say "yes" to sex, you're in better shape than you think. Sex and church go hand in hand. I think you just have to do something to make up for the prior two hours of boredom.

As for your furchild, that ain't normal. No sir-ee. Time for a vet check?

Practical Parsimony said...

You are asking closed questions, questions she can answer in one word. She answered exactly what you asked. Next time ask her to tell you about the game. Never ask a question that can be answered in on word if you want conversation.