Friday, October 5, 2012

A breath of fresh air!

"Old King Cole was a merry old soul.  A merry old soul was he.  He called for his pipe.  He called for his bowl and he called for his fiddlers three."
I think King Cole was a pot head.

It is beautiful out!  50's and breezy.  The air is crisp and clean.  I breath freely.

Hunter and I went grocery shopping today.  He kinda gets lost as the store is big.  So I was in a few aisles by myself.  That means I got to chat with a few people with no interruption from him.  One young mom with her teenage son said something or I did and they said they had been lovin' my t-shirt.  I wore the black one that says DORK on the front in big red letters.  My daughter got me that shirt as that is what she calls me at times.  In the dog toy aisle an elderly lady was squeaking the dog toys.  She was there with her adult grand daughter.  I asked if she had a dog cuz I was going to recommend a few toys.  She said no.  I touched her on the arm and said, "Well you go ahead and play with them, I won't tell anyone."  She laughed.  It was then that I felt a freedom.  A lightness of being.  A burden off my shoulder's.  I realized Hunter will be gone for 10 days beginning Tuesday!  Sad that I should feel that way and it actually surprised me!

He is making a ham dinner for the family that lives next door.  Pam is undergoing treatments for breast cancer and it's a bitch.  She has a husband and two grown sons.  I will make a green beans casserole and maybe some brownies. 


lotta joy said...

Nothing can make us feel better than when we're helping someone with a heavier burden than we have.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Juat the other day I was in JoAnn Fabric to buy crochet cotton and not ONE, but TWO women ( one young and one middle age ) asked me questions about projects they were about to embark on. I must look like I know what I am doing. :0) It made me feel good to be able to help them and one even waved to me as I left the parking lot. :0)

I KNOW THAT FEELING you mentioned. Every time my first husband was shipped overseas, I FELT RELIEF and dreaded the day he returned.

Wonderful thing you both are doing for your neighbor.
God Bless her and her family.

Rob-bear said...

Wow! It's almost like you were having fun.

I hope things keep happening which lift your spirits.

Jimmy said...

I am proud of you helping out your neighbor, a little kindness goes a long way.

Laughing with the woman and the squeeker toys is priceless, a good laugh does your heart good

klahanie said...

And you, my dear friend, have felt the comfort of shared laughter as you had such good natured banter in the store.
A strange sense of freedom has been cast upon you. And you reflect upon your neighbour who is going through such trying times.
Keep smiling and know you have my admiration.
Gary :)

Sandra said...

Maybe throw a little bit of pot in those worked for Old King Cole right :)
You sound like so much fun!

Vapid Vixen said...

That t-shirt sounds awesome. I'm pretty sure I call my boyfriend a dork at LEAST 3 times a day.

You're an absolute sweetheart for helping out Pam. I'm sure it will be appreciated.