Monday, October 8, 2012

I may or may not have locked myself out!

I'm on the porch I went back in to get a jacket and turn the heat back on and close the two windows I had opened.  Came back out except I couldn't get back out.  WTF!  The screen door doesn't lock.  Only the inside door does.  In fact, the screen door doesn't completely close.  (Old house-don't ask)  Anyway, I'm too lazy to go check now.

Sick of doctor crap!!!!!   I lost 5 pounds and my BP was really good.  But..I need to see a gyny and also a pulmonologist.  Ox sat. was 94.  Shit.  When will I ever just feel normal?  The doctor and I talked about in the 1800's and how the ladies always had Laudanum.  Yeah.  I want some of that!!!!!  He also mentioned Nitrous Oxide.  He said'd still feel like crap but you won't care!  Gotta love that doctor.

Had our buddy Rudy clean out our gutters.  He wants him to do it 2-3 more times before winter sets in.  Hunter should be getting ready for his trip.  I believe he leaves tomorrow.  But instead he is out at Menards and Home Depot.  I am pretty sure he needs to get stuff to fix things at his lover friend Brian's farm.  Then he wants us to go to a different grocery store to get a bunch of food to take up there.  The bad thing about him leaving is that he always gets so crabby.  I am learning to ignore it and not take it personally but I do think he should be over that already.  He just doen't plan ahead.  Leaves everything 'till the last minute and does things that aren't important.  Bad time manager.  But I don't let him drag me into it.  I just stay out of his way.

That's about it for now.  Nothing big.  Nothing exciting.  Just another day in Pleasantville!


Unknown said...

I am packing!

Unknown said...

You've done well my child...
Love it!

lotta joy said...

It's a shame he doesn't use all that fishing energy to clean the eaves.

arghhh and grrrr

klahanie said...

Yes indeed, you just stay out of his way and get ready for some positive quality time to yourself. Make it so!

Rob-bear said...

Grrr, indeed. Hope things medical can be improved. Other things may never be fixed, or fixable.