Saturday, October 27, 2012

The party is the day after Halloween!

I just found out Hunter leaves Nov. 1st!    Christmas is coming early here in Pleasantville. 
I will be wrapping myself in GLEE!
 May even put up my Christmas tree.
 So what if the only one here to enjoy it is me?
I will find beauty in all that I see,
Cuz no one will be here to steal my joy.  Opps.  I was on a roll there for a minute.

Now Maggie has a big bump on the top of her head.  Since I am the gentle one in the house and I don't recall any cinder block falling on her head......well, I shutter to think.  You really think it just mysteriously appeared?  On the plus side.....she is fine.  Nothing different about her behavior.

We have a gift certificate for the apple orchard and I need to see if Hunter wants to go in the next day or two.  He is gone most of November and I think they close Dec. 1st.  I love their apple cider donuts!!!!!!!  We buy a bunch and leave out a few, freezing the rest.  Then I heat them just a touch in the microwave.  To die for!

I hate that Halloween will be cold.  I always like to sit out and hand out the candy.  I light candles and I get to see all the kids.  They don't have to climb the few steps up to the door.  And I hand out treats to the dogs.  But I don't think I will be doing that this year.

Hey!  All you guys in the way of the storm......please be safe.  Peace.


klahanie said...

Hey middle child,

Nice little bit or rhyming you had going there! Although the word "GLEE" had me thinking about that gosh darn fun show you folks sent over here.

I hope that Maggie is indeed fine and maybe she just bumped into something.

Now then, Halloween. In Britain, trick or treating is only done by a few children for about an hour. In all the years I've been here, no kids have ever knocked on my door. So the good news is that all the treats I bought for the kids who never showed up, are mine, I tell you, all mine! :)

Hope that storm calms down, real soon.

Y'all enjoy yourself.


Rob-bear said...

I hope you have a wonderful November — tree or no tree.

Is Maggie staying home, or going with Hunter? She'd be good company if she stayed with you. And you could help her with her lessons in "manners."

Hope you have a good election day, too.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I'd rather not say how I think that Maggie got that bump....and NO a cinder block didn't fall on her head or did she run into anything either.
Damn...can I EVER RELATE to you and Hunter being gone for a month! I was never so happy as when my first husband left for overseas for sea duty. YESSSSSSSS!
I could FINALLY breathe :0)

(((hugs to you m/f)))Pat

Outcast said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're happy sounding and really hope that you enjoy your Halloween Middle Child, I hope that Maggie is okay too and that the storm doesn't affect many people, I'm kind of worried for the people I know from America.

AVY said...

You're so sweet.


Gnetch said...

I can totally feel your happiness from here!!! Hope you have a fun, stress-free November AND December.

And forever. :)

Just Be Real said...

Hugs to you my dear....

tools of love said...

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