Saturday, October 27, 2012

don't let the sun fool you

Thought I'd send out a quick one here.  It is sunny but the cool temps are here.  I don't know if we will get Indian Summer or if we already had it.  Maggie has had some bleeding from her mouth and it got on my duvet so I wanted to wash it and hang it out but I see hunter already has laundry in the washer.  I think I will take his clothes out and wash the duvet anyway.  I will also hang out the comforter just to freshen it.  We figure it's Maggie's teeth that caused the blood.  She is fine.  'Course it could also be because she likes to eat/chew-on the walnut shells that the squirrels leave behind. 

I will be working in the office today.  Several  months  weeks ago Hunter told me to clean all "my" papers off the desk.  My papers are just paid bill that I need to record and file.  So I just jammed them all in the file cabinet.  He said he was going to clean his all off the desk too.  You're right.  He didn't.  So today he asked me get the files and bill stubs in order.  I asked if the desk was all cleaned off.  He said yes.  I asked again to be sure that there wasn't anything on it.  He said just leave anything I don't understand right where it is.  Anything I don't understand???  Really?  I will move that crap because I deserve a clean desk to work on.  What he leaves on the desk is everything he gets in the mail like stuff from all this hunting places and weird shit and even the envelopes.  I will place it behind me on the guest bed and when I am done I will put it back. 

Yesterday I went out to the farm with him and Maggie.  He wanted to spread lime on the rototilled area where they plant their melons and squash.  I played catch with Maggie.  (tennis ball).  Was really windy and I think my face got windburned.  I am pretending it is a nice suntan.

So yeah, how boring is this post?  Just wanted you to know I am alive and well.  I haven't really taken the time to read posts either.  Hopefully tonight.



Vapid Vixen said...

Hope Maggie's bleeding mouth isn't serious. :)

Red Shoes said...

All in all, being alive is a good thing... :o)


lotta joy said...

Yep. Your post was boring, but what are we supposed to do when reporting on our lives? Today I went to the store and fried pork chops. Wheeeee!