Wednesday, June 20, 2012

He's stalking me!!!!

     Or....what is that,  not a doppelganger, a monkey on my back but about a barnacle?  Well no..I mean a barnacle just is there right?  Then what????  A mosquito? 
Your turn.  What is something that just follows you around and bugs the shit out of you!?  ( and I don't mean a two-year old.)  I just had to get away so I took a Xanax and came out to the garage to spend some time with you.  Guess who showed up not 3 seconds later.  DAMN!    I mean really?  You just don't even want to know.  And none of it is mean spirited.  It's just one stupid phrase after the next.
      I mentioned that I thought we had more of these chairs (white plastic) to sit on at the sale.  Like the one over there, I pointed out.  He said, "There, behind that ladder, are 6 oak folding chairs."  Um. No.
     I have a $360.00 Marino Orlandi briefcase that I am selling.  Looks new.  Next thing you know...he is saying to keep it and use it as a purse when we go to church.  Whaaaat?
We have set up two tables and he brought out some of my totes but then he had to go through his old magazines to gather the ones he's giving to Brian- his 'boyfriend'.  And as I was walking out the door with my arms full, he says, "As long as you are going out, could you take this tote out with you and put it with the others?"  So I take out my handful of stuff and lay it down then go back in to grab the tote.
     He tells me he is going to get up early and power wash the driveway and the patio tomorrow.  I did get him to agree to do that next week.  BTW, it's not dirty.
     Then he's telling me to make meal plans for the next three days and go shopping.  Says we aren't eating fast food - that's what John and Jennifer like.  Me too when we are busy like this.  Then he says we can take them out to eat.  Lukes.  Olive Garden. 
     Asked me if John still liked sweet tea.  Said he'd make some for him and put it in a big jug and bring it out for him. I checked with John and he said yes.  He didn't make it though.
     They are bringing grand dog Tebow with them tomorrow.  Jenn said they'd bring his crate.  I said no....that's ok, we have one.  Told Hunter and he said no....ours was too big and it would be too hard to get out of the garage - also not true.
     Speaking of the garage, --------------

Sorry I left so abruptly there.  My neighbor called and said to come over to their church cuz they were setting up ahead of time and we could go through first.  I got 2 lefton figurines...a bird and a butterfly.  These are china and about 5" high on tree branch with flowers.  Anyway, I collect Lefton so I brought them home.  While I was there I talked with the neighbor's mom who lives two doors down from us.  Hunter always goes there to pick-up her old papers and have a cup of coffee ad stuff.  She knows how he is in reality but I was really surprised when she said he says nice things about me.  She wouldn't lie, right?  I mean, she is the sweetest woman on earth.  She's 89 and more active than I am.

Anyway, my Xanax has kicked in and after being at the church with them, I feel much better. 

As always.....thanks for listening.


Rob-bear said...

Sigh. It only gets worse, doesn't it. I'm so sorry to hear that.

Blessings and Bear hugs, from Canada.

P.S.: Remember to take you Xanax tomorrow, and the day after, and. . . .

The Bipolar Diva said...

I second Bear's comment, except hugs from Oregon. And Xanax rules!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

You too have your own weight/anvil on your back trying to smother you, ) :0(
How old yours is (mentally)???
(My weight) and always been my "father's age." I was forever saying( when I was brave enough of course), " you are not my father!"
Now...I just say, "fuck you."
Deep down we love these guys....sighhhhhhhhhhh

Glad you found some things that make the heart go pitter patter. Never heard of it, but will be sure to look it up now.
What are your plans for the money from your Sale?

Grammy Goodwill said...

I bet he does say nice things about you to your little old church lady. He's just clueless about your feelings. I had to giggle about you buying something at another yard sale, but then you said it was something you collect. It made sense after that. Hang in there.