Thursday, June 21, 2012

Was surprised when I woke up discovered it was just a dream.

I was having my usual dreams as I slept.  This one was just interesting.  About my younger sister and me visiting her in Colorado (where she actually does).  It was so wonderful and yet she couldn't see that.  Being at the club where she works (she does as a personal trainer) .  The locker room.  Meeting and being friends with Phoebe -Lisa Kudrow from Friends- and staying at my older (we are estranged since my dad;s death.) -and messy bathrooms that she blamed on me but it wasn't me, being by some kind of game where a ton of money-coins-started flying out, most being Eisenhower dollars.  I gathered them and was soooo excited.  Then somehow I was in trouble with the police for that and on and on............but when the alarm went off this morning, I was surprised that it was just a dream.  I guess it just felt so real. 
I woke up with a pounding headache.  It's going away a bit now.  I don't want to take aspirin or advil because I've been having nosebleeds lately.

Hunter just left to get gas and do something else and then to his cardiologist.  I usually go with but am expecting my son soon. Yay!  Why does he go to a cardiologist?  Well, as you know....Hunter's heart is pea sized and the doctor is trying to get it to grow.  Sorry, that was mean.  Actually, he has an enlarged heart.  The Dr. told him it was probably from when he used to drink so much.  He take two pills to help his heart not have to work so hard and ...I can't recall right now. 

Still have no money.  Hunter will stop at the bank and get some start-up cash for my sale.  So, at least he is helping in that manner.

BEAR - Actually, it used to soooo much worse.  He is retired, has health problems and so I think that has calmed him down some.
PAT - Hunter is going to be 69 in Nov.  Emotionally, about 3.  I have also used the "Your not my father!" which I still prefer and the "Fuck-you." which he thinks is funny and then we are no longer angry.  Lefton isn't expensive and I really don't know why I am attracted to it.
DIVA and GRAMMY - Thank-you.


Grammy Goodwill said...

So - is it bad that I laughed at the "pea size heart"? I immediately covered my mouth, if that helps. Now I must go back out in the heat. I really should get up earlier if I''m going to work in the yard.

lotta joy said...

I don't know HOW I managed to miss your prior post. I STALK you too well to miss anything.

If he's 69, I wonder how old you are and how long you've been tied down with Mr. Heart.

Lord. Can you take any proceeds from the yard sale and disappear in the middle of the night?

The Geeks Paradise said...

I must admit, the "pea sized heart" line got me as well. If I'm going to hell for laughing at that, it will be the least of my sins.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Yeah....I know the so much worse thing too...ONLY NOW...he can't leave the house and stay away overnight, nor can he lock me out of the bedroom anymore.........sooooooooo I have the UPPER HAND NOW!
At least at the end of it all you and Hunter can laugh and get over it. :0) That's GR8!
Mine would still rather cut his nose off to spite his face than to take any blame.
YOU HAVE HOPE m/f. It's good to be able to laugh at yourselves. :0) (((hugs)))Pat

Rob-bear said...

I occasionally have dreams that almost scare the daylights (or night lights) out of me. I understand those kinds of things. Waking up terrified.

If you don't want aspirin or advil, take acetaminophen (Tylenol). It's much better (hospitals use it more often) and won't thin your blood.

With son and dil on hand, I trust things will pick up. And that the sale will go really well.