Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You know that thing that goes round and round at the playground?

OMG!  I just signed on to my blog and blogger was saying it had changed to 'whatever' 4 weeks ago and that I could add blogs to my list which showed I had no followers.  Bottom line: Scared the shit out of me!  You guys are my sanity!!!!!!  I got out then logged back in and there you all were.

Glad I got here cuz I have to vent.  I feel like I am on that round thingie at the play ground where you have to hold on tight and nasty kids spin it too fast and I get motion sick?  Yeah, that one.  I am trying sooooooooooooo hard to keep things on an even keel here but Hunter's ADD seems to have kicked into overdrive.  Says one thing then says the complete opposite later.  I won't get into the details.  It's best he thinks all is well.  I am not rockin' the boat nor am I shaking the rocks in his head around.  It's too close to the sale.  I guess to many of you it seems as though I am getting all worked up about this sale.  I am fine.  There is just much to be done and........well, you know how it is sometimes when you let the kids help?  Yeah, it's like that.  Example;  I found a new mop head and was wondering if it would fit any of my mops.  He brought them all out and couldn't figure out how to get the old mop head off.  I told him to push the handle down.  He's like,.."No, I know how."  Of course he didn't but when he finally figured it was as I said though he acted like it was his idea.  I know, it's just stupid shit but I couldn't take anymore and told him I was taking a break.  Now he heard me tell  my Susan-when we picked up the tables from her house-this AM that she could just take what she wanted.  I do that with the neighbors too.  The object of the 'game' is to get rid of all your stuff.  Whoever has the least to pack away wins!  My Susan?  I will tell you that story some other time.  I just got a call from Jennifer and she is coming tomorrow,  Fri. and the day of the sale !!! I am stoked!  She and my son are coming with my new grand puppy.  The kids will stay with their other grand parents.  But they will be here Saturday.

FOR SALE:   A multitude of things including.......
Antique wood and metal trunk.
Two wood and one wire hat stands. - vintage.
A soapstone carving of an Eskimo made in Canada, probably by the Inuits.
Glass and wrought iron table that we cut the legs off and made into a coffee table.  It is a certain kind that some people are familiar with but I can't remember what.
I have boxed up so many things that I can't remember what else.

And I have the usual regular stuff........hook rugs still in package.  Crystal.  Glass.  Linens/Pillows.  ETC.  I just have to contain myself because I know me.  I will unwrap something to put out and go, "Oh no!  Not this!"  then try to talk myself into not bringing it back into the house.

That is all.


lotta joy said...

I feel so damn bad for you. It's times like these (not grave illnesses) when we find out who we married.

AFTER the sale, then what?

Rob-bear said...

Well, you are Hunterless, but probably not a bad thing, at this stage of the game. Glad son and dil will be on hand, and that will cheer up the situation.

Good luck with the sale. BTW, I'd like the antique rose bowl, and the silver cane, please.

Kristy said...

If your soap stone is inuit it is worth a lot of money. You need to look up the artist if it has it on the bottom of it and it could be worth a lot of money. My spouse collects just soap stones from natives and not inuit and they can fetch anywhere from 100 for a little one to 500 for the bigger ones and they arent from a well known artist.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, honey. I think you and I must have gotten on the merry go round at the same time. We're both afraid to jump off, aren't we? Good luck with the sale.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

IF I knew I was dying...maybe then I would sell or give away "MY SHIT", BUT ONLY THEN!
If I bought the shit...I must have wanted the shit! ;0)There are a few things that I wouldn't miss though, but so far I don't need the space, can stay. :0)
Hubby has Merser ( if that's how it's spelled.) Everyone gowns and gloves up, BUT ME! Me has a death wish. It's one way out of this Hell Hole ! sighhhh He got that shit in the hospital within the last two years and C Diff too. Lucky him....NOT!
Please excuse my sarcasm tonight. I'm in a bitchy mood. :0(
Hey...good luck with your SALE baby sister. The crystal sounds like something I'd want, BUT I don't need it. ;0)

Ms. A said...

The next time things don't show up, just hit the refresh button and they most likely will.

The Bipolar Diva said...

gosh I hated those damned merry go rounds!

momto8 said...

good luck with the sale!
blogger acts up like that all the time for me too