Saturday, September 28, 2013

The fine at of coiling the hose back on the holder.

Maggie puked on the porch.  Twice. So I got out the hose to wash it off.  As I was looping the hose back unto the holder....Hunter said out the window to roll it so that each loop touches on the ground so it isn't coiled too tight.  Now I have only been doing this since I have been 19, and have
owned my own home(s).  I am soooo embarrassed to have been doing it wrong for 40 years.  Yeah, I know you are all doing the math.  I am kinda old.  Damn that common sense that I have been cursed with!  I always figured the idea was to get it up off the ground.  I would wind it so that it was about 2" off the patio.  So....I have been schooled in the art of hose winding.  And you are all welcome for my sharing of this very important info.
I emptied the dishwasher and changed the sheets.  Not really interested in doing anything else.  Yeah, I will make something out of the leftover meatloaf and baked potatoes.

Don't remember when I wrote the first part of this post..  But there has been stress and anxiety in abundance since then.  My daughter's divorce or whatever.  After all this time -weeks- her husband in coming home from work.  He works 6 weeks in another state and is home for 6 - 10 days.  Then away for another 6 weeks.  Too long for a leash to reach.  My daughter is fragile but to be honest.-and this kills me to say this- she is very self-centered.  Not the same as selfish but equally bad I guess.  I have to keep trying to think about her kids and about me.  She talks about not being able to live without him and how nobody loves her and you can't imagine much I have said the same things  over and over.  And I get shaky and feel pressure in my chest. So I have to step away.  She's 40 years old.  It is between her and her husband. 

Tomorrow is Meadow' ballgame.  It will be awkward to be in his presence. 
Hunter has been gone since Thursday.  He will return Monday.

Ok.  I want to publish this while I can.  I keep getting a message from Norton 360 that it is resolving a threat from a suspicious cloud.  And there is something auto-protect is processing security risk.  It removes the risk and then it starts all over again.  I have a guy to call who does this for a living but I hate calling him because we are not close.  But I will need to. laptop is still screwed up.  I keep getting a message from Norton 360


LL Cool Joe said...

My daughter is only 19 but seems to mess up her love life big time. To begin with, I gave her advice and tried to say that some of it was her fault. It always ends in an argument and she doesn't listen anyway, so I've come to the conclusion not to get involved anymore. More for my health than anything else. It seems I'm dealing with two difficult teenagers and a difficult mother at the same time. Sometimes I want to just escape.

Sorry you are having issues too.

Outcast said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter's problem Middle Child but I guess like you say it's between them. Sorry about the virus problem too, I wish I knew more about prevention and virus curing so I could help you.

Spanner said...

Hi, Hunters hose curling theory is his and he should keep it to himself unless he wants to actual help.
Your daughters problems are hers. Not yours. They affect you in a number of ways (none of us want to see our kids unhappy) You're there for her if she needs you but you don't have all the answers. Unless of course her hose pipe etiquette is the issue. Then you are clearly the go to person.
I like your posts. They are sometimes sad but always well observed and written. You care about those around you and understand them. In my book that makes you a quality product.
Onwards and upwards x

Wanda's Wings said...

When our children hurt we hurt that much more.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

My sister is my problem child who is totally self centered and who cant live without a man, any man. Sigh. I have always rolled the hose right up too; when i do it that is

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