Friday, October 4, 2013

miracles do happen !

I finally found a way to get on my blog from my phone.   You can't believe how excited I am.My thoughts come to me unbidden at any time.  And now I hold all you beautiful people in the palm of my hand. And I can also send you pictures from my phone.   Yeah I know.  Big deal right?   Well it is for me.  I do have to go up and unplug my modem then plug it back in. I am on 4g right now instead of my WiFi.

So here's some pictures.  Ok so screw the pictures .. I am  content for now.   I have CTA of heart and lung tomorrow. I was gonna take a 10:30 appt till I asked if there was anything I had to do before the ct and once they said nothing by mouth I went into coffee withdrawels just thinking about it! So I said I would take the. 7am appt.

Daughter has gallbladder surgery tues and that after Hunter haa eyelid surgery.  It's nothing but fun.
This is like using a Barbie computer.   Later 1


Outcast said...

I love your candid to the minute style of writing Middle Child, like where you say you're going to post photographs and then don't, it's so real, especially when written via phone, pretty cool new feature.

middle child said...

Ok Matt. That's because I couldn't get it to work. Smart phone. ..dumb girl.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Your excitement is CONTAGIOUS! :0)
I'm caught up in your excitement. Been there ...done that, so I know from where I speak.
I'm still working on how to change my wallpaper to a picture in my album. Thought I figured it out yesterday and my heart skipped a beat in my short lived glee. :0(
My FB family and friends has grown so much, plus my change in lifestyle that I find I have less time for blogging, BUT...I will be always be around. (((hugs)))

71º & Sunny said...

Hey Madison! Hopefully you have better luck with the phone app than I do. Ugh. It's pretty frustrating for me. Especially when I try to load up a picture. But I find it's ok to load up a basic post. So glad you can do this now!

So . . . how's everybody doing healthwise? Sounds like a rough time right now. Hope you're ok.

LL Cool Joe said...

And i don't even have a mobile phone. :D

middle child said...

So yours is immobile?
Don't tell me the string and cans thing.♡