Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tweaked my back doin'the twist.

Not the dance.  More the twist as I was putting things in the dishwasher.  I can feel it a little but I think I worked out most of the kinks mowing the lawn.  I need to hang laundry and have lots of other things to do today.  But for now I am sitting here trying to cool off.  It is cool in the shade.  Almost too cool.

Hunter went to his podiatrist yesterday.  She cut off both sides of the nails on his big toes and put stuff on it so they won't grow back.  It's about ingrown toenails.  I need to change his bandages everyday.  He can't breathe when he bends down.  And why I am talking about this is beyond me.  I hate other peoples feet. Ick and Yuck!  If you have a foot fetish, that is your choice but get off this page cuz...well....just YUCK! 

By the way.....*insert scary music here*.....while I was typing that last paragraph it all disappeared and went into this shut down mode  reconfiguring and to not turn off computer.  WTF!---------------------------------------------------------------------sorry for the interruption here but Hunter said there was something wrong with the printer and he needed me to come there right away.  He wanted to know what I did that broke it.  You read that right.....what I did.  This is not a technical problem but more of a break the plastic parts thing.  Who do we know that throws or forces things that he doesn't understand!  Who lacks the patience to figure something out?  Bah.  Then he has me get on the phone with his lover taxidermist's brother-who is really a neat guy by the way-to see where to take it for repairs.  Of course it isn't worth repairing.  The guy said to just order another one from Dell or go to Tiger Direct.

Better sign off here before there's another interruption, like a lightening strike.  Peace.


bj said...

Well, seems to me that you are trying to do too many things...loading dishwasher, mowing (good grief..when I do that, I have to go eat chocolate, drink wine and take a nap)hanging clothes...good heavens, lady...slow yourself down.
'Course, you are a lot younger than I am....but, I have to do just a couple of those things a day and save the rest til tomorrow. ;))

Oh, and I hate other peoples feet, too. NOT touching them, either....well, unless I HAVE to, like you helping H.
xo bj

Unknown said...

Will he never change? He is the most annoying. Demanding. Ruthless man I have ever read about in blogland

Rob-bear said...

New printer for less that $100 is better than bothering to repair.

Sorry you had to do all the work. With a bad back, too!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

DITTO on the feet thing!
Wish you were appreciated, but know the answer to that. sighhhhhh

Gnetch said...

I hope your back feels better now. And Hunter can go eff himself. You're too nice to still be doing these things for him. *hugs*

Covnitkepr1 said...

Saw your request on Steve Finnell's blog to pray for your friend Pam James. My wife and I will add her to our prayer list.

Also, I'd appreciate your prayers for my wife who is battling brain cancer.

klahanie said...

Hey middle child,
I hope all the kinks have gone. Maybe Hunter stuck a souvenir toenail in said printer. It seems temper tantrums are his way of solving or actually not solving a problem in a calm, cool and collected manner.
How convenient to lay the blame on you. Dammit, try to have a good weekend.
In peace and hope, Gary

Nikki (Sarah) said...

Hey MC....hope all those kinked are gone and blaming Hope today is a good one...