Tuesday, September 25, 2012

winner. winner. Chicken dinner!

First.....an apology.  To all Wisconsinites.....since I have now been to a wedding in Minnesota, in comparison, your weddings seem more like a Royal Wedding.  Seriously!
Minnesota is beautiful with it's lakes and winding roads.  I found it odd that while the leaves are changing color in Wisconsin, they are still green in Minn.  We were in Clearwater, near St Cloud.  We stayed at the groom's parents lake home-not their primary residence.  It has four units-all belonging to each of the 4 siblings.  We had the beautiful loft bedroom above the great room.  OMG!  All windows, facing a huge beautiful lake.  So peaceful.  The only other couple that were supposed to be there were also from Illinois.  The next morning we woke up to a couple of younger women and their kids.  The following day the sister was there also.  Of course....it is theirs but we were told it would just be us and the other couple-cool people by the way.  We could have just as easily stayed in a motel.  Well not easily, I suppose.  I mean I didn't even see one, not one grocery store the whole time we drove through the state.  But the other people at the lake home lived very close to the place where the wedding was.  It was beautiful sitting out there in the morning and evening, but chilly.

On to the wedding.  Opps!  I almost forgot.....everyone there is drinking all the time.  The rehearsal was a joke.  This wedding took place on the grooms property-not the lake home.  It was beautiful!!!!
Drinking all that night.  Drinking all the way up to the wedding and also during.  Yes during.  About a 3rd of the quests and several of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  I think the bride and groom had beers in their hands coming back down the aisle.  Then the wedding party got into a big gray school bus that one of them owned and drank their way around the gravel roads until it was time for the reception.  The rest of us snacked and drank then left for the reception.  The reception was in a place called the Ballroom.  That is so laughable!  It wasn't even close to being as nice as a VFW.  I have been to receptions in VFWs and in fancy banquet halls.  The food was a chicken 'buffet'.  OK.  Right.
Crap food.  Crabby bartenders.  Kids ran amok and no one really danced except the kids.

Hunter kept saying that it would get really crazy but it never did.  It was just weird and not in a good way.  I have been to many different wedding by many different nationalities but.....this was far and away the weirdest of them all.  They are the winners.
Oh, did I tell you that after we left.....all hell did break loose?  There was a gay guy who crashed the party and I think they finally had to call the police to remove him.  The best part was that there was a big fight in the parking lot.  Some girl who wasn't invited punched some one's mother-in-law.  That's all it took.  All the bridesmaids were fighting, beating up the girl on the ground.  I mean beating the shit out of her. 
The next day everyone was bragging about it and laughing, including the mother of the groom.

As for Hunter?  I am taking a different stance.  He can say what he wants and I can ignore it.  How cool is that?


Rob-bear said...

Well, that was , um, "interesting," wasn't it. Glad to know that you survived.

Drinking all through the wedding, as well as before and after? Wouldn't happen in Canada. I cannot perform the marriage if either the bride or groom has been drinking. I hold the same for the witnesses.

Peace and joy.

lotta joy said...

Sounds like an Alabama funeral.

I learned to do one thing with my wasbund: no matter what he said, I just answered "Whatever" (whether I felt truly hurt or not, I never showed it)

Years later, when I remarried, I was so used to hiding my true emotions that they never have gotten expressed very well.

Either ACT on your emotions, or stop caring.

My mom always said "He who cares the least, wins"

Gnetch said...

That sounds like a scene in the movie!!! I'm glad you experienced it though. It sounds interesting.

And the drinking all night? I hope you enjoyed it.

bj said...

Hi, Middle Child...boy, it all my loooong years of life, I've never, EVER, witnessed a girl smack a mother-in-law. Daaang.....glad you had already left...wouldn't want no one hitting our Middle Child...
I've been to a few strange weddings...one last summer...but not THIS strange. :))

You have a good week....and thank you for all the visits to my place and all your sweet comments. I always love seeing your name there. :) Thank you for liking the silly ole centerpiece....just a bunch of nothing, really...but it's always fun doing that challenge. Try it...you just might like it. Look thru magazines or catalogs, find a cute picture, copy it and do this challenge with me in October. ....plezzzzz...:)
xo bj

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Gotcha! Saves alot of arguments that way m/f. ;0)
Also saves on the nerves, tears and emotional scars if you can do it. Sending you (((hugs))). Lots of them ...(((hugs)))(((hugs))),(((hugs))),(((hugs)))),(((hugs))),(((hugs))),(((hugs))),(((hugs))),(((hugs))),(((hugs))),(((hugs))),(((hugs))), (((hugs))),(((hugs)))(((hugs)))Pat