Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Reality Show. called......Money Wars.

Why not?  That is my life and it is reality.  The season finale is not yet determined.  It is a fight to the finish which would be the death of one of the two competitors.  The first competitor made a deal which was agreed upon.  The second competitor presented his deal which she listened to but side-stepped by insisting she will wait for written confirmation.   At that time, she will refuse any deal he thinks he may have made with her.  Round one looks to be in favor of the woman.  Stay tuned.

Feel much better today.  Took Maggie for a walk and while she is listening much better, there are still times when she'd rather bite your face off.  Hmmm.  Sounds like another thing in my life.  Give love and get "bitten."

Daughter had jump started the old car and was able to drive it to the hotel where they are staying.  Then it wouldn't start and they put a new battery in it.  It is fine.  So.....the other, but better car got jealous and insisted on a new battery too.  Dawn's dad-my ex-came over and cleaned the terminals and something else.  It ran but they might put another battery in it anyway. 

End of the month they have days with out a place to stay aaaaand they need to move at least the necessities out of the storage units. I will help them.  Then Jeremy can rent a u-hail and get the rest out of storage when he gets home from work around the 3rd week in Sept.   Thngs are moving along.

I will go and do some yardwork I have been ignoring.  Maybe mow because hotter weather is coming.  Peace.


Rob-bear said...

This "Money Wars" thing is way too complicated for a Bear to understand. I just hope the woman doesn't get eaten by some cougar, or something. Or shot buy a hunter (the kind of thing about which we Bears are always concerned).

Hope daughter survives another ten or eleven days of complexity before she starts to get settled. Not easy living in a hotel room. With a dog, especially.

Blessings and Bear hugs to all of you.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Stopped by to visit. Was thinking of you. I'll be back. (((hugs)))Pat

bj said...

Hi, Middle,
Thanks for stopping by. Yeah..my Aunt always put a little Vanilla behind her ears when she cooked and always smelled heavenly. So..sometimes, I do the same thing. Silly, I know...

Sure hope things settle down for your daughter..once it does, YOU will feel better, too. When our kids are unhappy, so are we. Mothers are like that. :)

You be careful driving thru that construction at night. I, too, can get confused and don't like it a bit. 'Course, I'm olden and tend to get nervous driving at night sometimes.

I was surprised when you said your hubs wouldn't let you use the pickup....
I don't understand that.....

Take care..hope the weekend is good for you.
xo bj