Sunday, October 2, 2011

I took care of his nuts. Now he can take care of his hose.

Hunter gathered walnuts from a man named Scott who is a jackass.  I know cuz I was at a grad. party at his house for his daughter-my friend.  One day as I was outside trying to enjoy my backyard with all this stupid ass "polka" sounding music coming from a fiesta party in the park, I heard the most beautiful thing!!!!  It was saxophone music coming down the street.  Towards our house!  I went to the front yard and here was this teenage girl playing and walking, not self conscience in the least.  I stopped her to tell her how beautiful her playing was.  Since that time we became friends.  I call her Saxy.  Anyway, at her party, the more beer the dad-Scott-had, the meaner he became.  Then the way he talked to his sister?  That did it for me.

Oh sorry.  I got side-tracked there for a moment.  I didn't feel well yesterday and today I was just plain exhausted.  No mental or physical reason.  I just never know how I am going to feel.  And speaking of farting.....Hunter made plans for us to go see a comedian with our friends.  $65.00 a ticket!  Really?  And I have never heard of this guy.  And worse yet, we have to sit in the balcony.  Am I a tight rope walker?  I think not.  So.....heights?  Yeah, not my favorite place.  I can only hope this guy is not funny cuz if he is.....and I laugh......I will cough and.....THAAAAAATS RIGHT.  Multi-tasking isn't all it's cracked up to be.  *tee-hee,  I said crack*

Cut to the chase *ha. I said cut*
I had finished dinner and cleaned up and just went out on the porch to have a cup of cigarettes coffee and Hunter comes around to the front of the house and says he needs me to help put the nuts in the yard waste cart cuz they are too small.  And also needed my help measuring the hose as he need to get a new one.  Then Mr. ADD - "oh look, a chicken!"-says he's going to drop off some spaghetti squash at Ralph's.  So when he left, I took care of his nuts for him.  He did thank me when he got home, asking if I did it myself.  Now I've been handling nuts all my life.........

Someone slap me in the face tomorrow morning so I can wake up and enjoy this beautiful weather


Snowbrush said...

Jeez, hope you like that comedian. Just don't get to laughing and tumble off the balcony.

Ms. A said...

I rarely laugh enough to cause that, but get me coughing and LOOK OUT! Guess you could think about the cost of those tickets. That would be enough to keep me sullen.

ancient one said...

You should be the comedian.. I laughed through this whole post..

Coffeypot said...

Speaking of nuts, I hope you kicked Saxy's dad there. Some kids just don't deserve their parents.

Next time post pictures of you handling The Hunter's nuts.

Bleah Briann//Lovely said...

Your comments make my day.. you're so sweet, and so caring. :)))

I'm actually doing alot better -- then I was. Whatever you were seeing was pretty right on.
But things are looking much better, I'm starting my senior year of highschool (or have started) and I'll be graduating soon, heading off to bible college. I'm in love with the most amazing guy I've ever known, someone who treats me with such respect, like such a lady, and a treasure. And things are really looking up! Thank you so much for all of your caring comments. I pray that everything is going well with you.

Rob-bear said...

Handling his nuts is probably what made you nuts.
Well, it sounds reasonable, doesn't it?