Friday, April 12, 2013

I dreeeeeamed of Simon with the tight, whiiite Tee.

No.  I am not into Simon Cowell.  Metrosexuals aren't my thing.  That being said, I have to tell you.....he is the best sexual dream partner I have ever had.  WOW!  I tremble just thinking about it!  For only the 3rd or 4th time in my life I had the equivalent of a wet dream.  The sexual connection between us was so concentrated and passionate and all consuming that just staring at and being close to each other had the power to do that to me.  No touching necessary!  Then my late husband came back after being gone for a year.  I guess I had presumed him dead.  (in real life he did die of a failed heart transplant) and so because I loved him.....I had to let Simon go.  For now.  He gave me a huge, beautiful ring.
Then there was the one about my boss giving reviews and he pulls up in a humongous motor home.  I asked if I could finish changing from wet clothes into dry ones.  He said OK.  I could clearly see into his motor home.  Two separate sections were like little cafes or soda fountains?  There were ice cream chairs and tables, like bistro tables but candy striped.  Cotton candy.  So much.
And being told to tell someone in receiving something but someone kept needing me for something else and I finally saw one of the guys who worked back there.  He was going down the hall in some giant yellow truck or construction vehicle.....
Then the part about my one really good friend/co-worker not telling me she got married.

Do you know that this was only part of my dreams for last night?
I dream like this most nights.  When technology advances enough that they can record your dreams....I know I will get a cult following.  No - bigger than that.

Now ask me why I am always tired.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Anyone tell you that you are weird. ;0) Jus funnin wit ya m/f.
That's what dreams are made of and for. :0)
I'm jealous! My dream was ( what I can remember of it ) baby fuzzy yellow ducks. Dozens of em. They were all stuck to the ground for some reason and as I watched them ( worrying that a cat or hawk would get them, one by one they were able to free themselves and took off running or flying all over the damn place and now I had to worry about the ones that flew too far off and how it would find it's way back, while I also worried about making a pen/enclosure and finding feed somewhere to feed them.
No get all the FUN m/f. ;0) I shit you not!!!

Red Shoes said...

Most dreams are fun... a few, scary.

Sex dreams tend to be over the top!!

You and Simon, huh?? ;oD


Outcast said...

This story is amazing Middle Child, of all the people you could dream about Simon Cowell is the person you would probably least want to! Sounds interesting though all the same, not going to lie

Rob-bear said...

Well, um, yes. You had Bear almost blushing — raunchy story. Which is OK.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting

Gnetch said...

Haha. This is too amusing. I rarely remember the details of my dream. You're lucky!

Unknown said...

I love dreams with lots of action!

Furry Bottoms said...

I would NOT choose Simon for a dream partner. I would be too worried he would find every imperfection in my body, style and moaning tone.