Friday, February 1, 2013

trouble in pleasantville - electronics

Well, I can't get the Internet on my laptop.  I am writing this on my PC.  My PC is jacked up too.  I couldn't log on to my blog the normal way and I tried a few things that didn't work.  Sooooo, I just typed in the name of my blog and here I am!  Wanted to let you know I am OK.  Son-in-law will call me tonight and help me fix my computer over the phone.  He knows this kind of stuff.

Thanks for responding to Meadow's comments.  I know it meant alot to her.  She set up her own blog (private from even me as I suggested.)  She must have mentioned it to her mom-my daughter-who told her she could make Meadow give her the password anytime.  Meadow was deflated because now she had nowhere private to express herself.  I have told Meadow to blog anyway.  I hope she does and I will ask Meadow again if I can tell her mom why she NEEDS to blog.  One question though.  I know that my followers came after one gal saw, what?  Something in my labels or I don't know how that worked but I was able to build from there.  How can Meadow build a following?

Again, thanks for responding to her.  She needs all the understanding and encouragement she can get.  You guys are awesome.

BTW, we had an awesome weekend-her and me.  Lots of laughter.
Have a peaceful weekend.


Outcast said...

I'm so glad to hear that you still had the chance to drop in and write and that you had such a great weekend, you're a brilliant grandmother in my opinion, keep up the positive chats and laughs.

klahanie said...

Thankfully, you've managed to get your posting out here for us to read.

Would you please let Meadow know that I was and I'm sure others, were touched by her transparent, heartfelt and painful message. I know that through the verbalisation she expressed, that the therapy of writing and the support she received, bodes well for a better future for her.

Meadow can build up a following by following blogs of her choice and commenting under her blog's name to some blogs of her choice. That way, the blogger will be lead to her site. Although, if it's a private blog, other bloggers might not get access to it.

You're a darned fine lady and please tell Meadow to stand tall, smile and be proud.

Have yourself a peaceful and joyous weekend. Make it so! :)

With respect and kind wishes,


Furry Bottoms said...

This brings so many memories for me. I used to help my niece with stuff similar to this.

First of all, for Meadow to gain a following, she should blog hop and leave comments. So people can respond to her, return the blog visit by visiting her blog and follow her from there.

Meadow may want to change her name to something her parents may not recognize. And create nicknames for everbody she talks about, in the spirit of anonymity. I hate being the deceiving sort, but I do understand the necessity sometimes. I went thru that with my niece. I created an email address for her on my own account so she could email, after her parents forbid it... because I knew it was very important for her to be able to email at that time. She could change the password if she wanted. No harm done. When she was finished with it, I removed the address.

What I don't get is... why would her mom demand the password for the blog? If it was facebook or myspace, I would understand. But blog? That's weird. Meadow is an excellent writer, I really encourage her to write more. I could feel the emotion in her words. She needs to write, for sure. Somehow.

Furry Bottoms said...

If it comes to it, Meadow could write stuff out on paper. And if it was something she didn't want her parents to read or anybody else, have her destroy the paper. Burn it, shred it, whatever she can do. The ability to write would have been expressed, the job done...

lotta joy said...

Meadow can build a following the way I did twelve years ago. Visit a blog in her age range, then visit everyone who commented. Pretty soon, she'll have internet friends that might mean more than blood relatives.

Kelly said...

Meadow is a terrific writer and she would do well to have her own blog to voice her opinions and feelings.

I wish her nothing but the best in her difficult situation, as I told her before.

You're pretty terrific, yourself, for allowing her to post on your blog.

Take care, Middle Child

Rob-bear said...

This is very good. All's well that ends well, though this hasn't really ended. Not at all.

Blessings and Bear hugs to you, and her!

Gnetch said...

Glad to know you're okay. And blogging can really help Meadow. A lot. :)

Just Be Real said...

Blessings to you dear one and thank you for checking in. Hugs.

Unknown said...

I hope she has a positive experience blogging. The instant feedback that blogging can bring CAN be great. It can also be really awful if the wrong sorts start coming around.

Unknown said...

I'm just stopping by to tell you I still heart you.. lots going on in my life. New and exciting things. But I have not been net surfing.. but I still heart you!