Monday, January 14, 2013

I got lucky!!!!!

Well, yeah.  That too.  Finally!  I guess if you are married to an "old" man and keep him waiting long enough.......he will um...well he....let's just say that things work as they should.
But no.  I am talking about an all day marathon of Criminal Minds!  And since Chuck left with Maggie, I get to watch our little-and currently only-TV in the kitchen.  Yay!

Chuck went to bed at 8pm because he likes to leave early in the morning.  I had taken a nap from 4pm - 8pm because I only slept 5 hours the night before.  BTW, whenever I talk about sleeping short is my own doing.  I chose to stay up.  Anyway,  I stayed up a couple hours knowing he sleeps better without me even though he says I do not bother him.  I was going to go to bed when he woke up but decided to help him get on the road.  A fresh pot of coffee could I resist.  By then it was only about 4 hours until I would normally take my morning meds.  So I thought I would stay up and go to sleep after taking them.  I went to bed at 7am and when I woke up, I saw that I hadn't taken my pills.  What a stupid!

I don't hear much from my daughter.  I contact and offer but don't push.  My 13 year old grand daughter is now exhibiting the same behavior that my daughter did when she was about that age.  In fact Dawn still feels like that sometimes.  Meadow says she is often shaking and dizzy.  And my son called me to let me know he's been having more headaches and they are more painful.  He is not a complainer at all.  But since he is the one with the brain tumor....he pays attention to these things now.  He said he may or may not see a doctor.  He is smart and will do what he needs to.  He is the one who calls just to see how I am.  

Chuck has called me twice since he left this morning.  I wish he wouldn't drive straight through.
Speaking of driving....I am pretty sure we are not renting a place in Florida this year.  As always he waited until it was too late.  But I am glad.  We will just ramble around here and there, perhaps starting with North Carolina and going to Florida from there.  Will see his son and family in Orlando and then go down to Cape Coral where we used to have our condo.  Maybe the Keys....just the kind of trip I really wanted.  No.  I mean for real.  No pressure.  No time tables.  Just he and I and Maggie and the muzzle I am going to gift her with.  Ha!

Peace & love.


Pajama Days in a Klonopin Haze said...

I have a child I don't hear much from either and she lives all of 14 miles from me, her 13 yr old is the same way. My other daughter that lives 3 hours away calls or texts almost daily to make sure I am alright. At least you can gift Maggie with a muzzle I don't have that option, Pug's can't use muzzles, I'll just have to be faster next time!

Outcast said...

That's sad about your daughter, that you don't hear from her much Middle Child. That's interesting that you choose to sleep such short hours, I could see myself being like that though in the future. You're not a stupid anything for forgetting to take your pills either, it happens to all of us, well it happens to me at least haha, great post as always.

lotta joy said...

You should know by now that my daughter's lack of contact with me was the reason we moved to Florida.

Red Shoes said...

personally, I would have introduced that fukken dog to a 2X4 by now... but that's just me.

As for kids, they are over-rated...

Happy New Year! (said sarcastically)


Ms. A said...

After having read you for a LONE time, maybe you should consider 2 muzzles, just in case.

Ms. A said...

Poop, make that LONG time. I hate when that happens!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I too am a true crime lover.
Read it and watch it. What's with us??? ;0)
Ann Rule has been much too long in writing another of her books.
Must check online and see if she has a new one out.
Another "must view' was Trauma...real emergency room viewing. Loved those all days repeats that began in January and kept me glued to the tv screen. Just call me a "sicko."
Enjoy your mini vacation m/f. (((hugs)))