Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dog bites woman.

So....I have been doing quite well so far this year.   Really good yesterday until late in the day when Maggie bit me.  On the arm.  Through a very thick furry coat.  Did I mention haw very thick it was?  Hurt bad enough that it made me cry.  I had an immediate lump and bruise.  Also a scrape.  I yelled out, "BITCH"  and took her inside.  I had been playing with her.  I am so kind to her.
See!  She came in here and just chewed on my hand.  I put her right in her cage telling her NO BITING!!!!!  When I woke up this morning I was still pissed that I didn't even greet her.  She tried her best to get me to acknowledge her.  Then I could see she was confused and sad.  She gets it but hasn't connected it with biting yet.  She'll figure it out because I am sticking to this plan. 

Then today we have rain. 

And add to that the fact that the government did or didn't pass some law.  The results being that a good portion of the traveling wind farm workers are being let go.  That includes my son-in-law.  He finally got this good job right before they were evicted.  That was in August.  My daughter says they will know in about 2 weeks but it is a 99.9% sure to happen.  My daughter is so sick of this.  They do everything right, work hard and the government just keeps pushing them down further and further.  Makes me sick and I am so worried about her mental health and that of her kids.  The middle child (Nate) will be OK.  He rolls with the punches but if this happens year after year after year?  I fear it will get him too.  Please say a prayer.  A big prayer.


Unknown said...

One tip:
She won't connect today's punishment with yesterday's crime. Yesterday's immediate punishment was perfect, but today's probably just confuses her. Never punish a dog when she's not doing something bad; she will connect the punishment with what she's doing RIGHT THEN, even if she's being quiet and good.

Sorry for the lecture.

Outcast said...

Sorry to hear that she bit you Middle Child, hopefully she stops after your punishment and never does it again, I hope that she's not a hazard any more or anything, you could do without that kind of thing on your plate

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Concerning your son and Maggie....that BITES!

Momma Fargo said...

First all...lots of hugs and prayers for you kiddos and the job thingy. Dang it. I fear that for many out there. Tell him to move to North Dakota or Wyoming. Lots of jobs there. Second...if you got bit through a furry coat, you should shave. I loves ya! Hugs!

Ms. A said...

I agree with Suz about Maggie's punishment. An immediate correction at the time, not a continual one. They won't understand it.

Sorry about the job situation. The uncertainty makes life so hard.

Red Shoes said...

Another thumbs up for Suz's comment.

I'm sorry about the chaos in your life. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you... :o(


Elsie Amata said...

Sorry about your son's job. I hope things improve for him and soon.

I'm also sorry you got bit yesterday and I'm with Suz's comment too.

Just Be Real said...

May the comfort of God be with you as you go through these trials. Sorry for the bite. Hugs my dear.

Kelly said...

I'm sorry to hear about your bite (I bet that did hurt) and the fact that your son-in-law will soon lose or already has lost his job. You're right, too. The government just keeps pushing the poverty level and middle class people down. the rich get richer while... well... you know.

Take care of yourself, Middle Child. Thing might improve in the future. You never know.

Gnetch said...

I hope you had the bite checked. I'm sorry your dog bit you. What a biatch!!!

And I'm sorry to hear about what's happening to your daughter's life. You're a good mom!

Pajama Days in a Klonopin Haze said...

Hope things get better for your daughter and son-in-law soon! I went through the same thing with my dog last year only I had no protection and it was my fault. I did the number 1 thing to never do, stuck my hand down between two fighting dogs trying to protect the smallest one. I ended up with 27 stitches and 2 drains and now will have to have surgery to repair a tendon they missed at the hospital the night I went in. I couldn't blame the dog, she was just being a dog and not trying to bite me, totally my fault. Your's is a little different, but as someone who has trained and bred dogs in the past I do agree 100% that she has no idea what she is being punished for the day after, she knows your mad at her but she doesn't know why. Punishment has to be immediate and can't go on for a long period of time, it confuses the dog and will eventually create a dog that is fearful because in her mind even when she is doing good she is being punished and she will eventually become afraid to even do the good things.
I too am sorry for the lecture.