Friday, November 23, 2012

Wishing thankfulness could be the daily norm.

I have a headache.  A bad one but not a migraine.  So much noise.  Three very noisy kids.  Loud football on TV and 7 dogs. was a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Great meal and we played a board game later in the afternoon.  The weather was good too.  It's nice here.  No bugs, abundant sunshine and so many other things I can't count.  Problem have to change outfits every couple hours because the temps are crazy.  Cold then hot and repeat often through out the day.  This time of year it isn't so hot you have to put the air on and it isn't so cold that you have to put the heat on.   The roads are nice and well designed.  I enjoy driving around here.  'Course we haven't gone to the strip yet and I can tell you that when we do, I will not be driving.

Hope you all had a wonderful day.  We all have things to be grateful for.  I think we just need to be more aware of all the things we take for granted.



Wanda's Wings said...

Sorry you have a headache, but am glad you had a great day.

Outcast said...

Your Thanksgiving actually sounds really awesome Middle Child, I'm glad that you had such a good one even if things got a little noisy for your head, I could see why with all the family around you!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Seems to me....I've lived in that house and occasionally....still do. Sometimes...I even miss it.
No matter where we go...there's no place like home.

Alexandra said...


We have to look to feel good. SOmetimes people feel it has to be outrageous lottery winning to mean we're lucky.

When actually, it may just be a peek into another's life, to realize we are the lucky ones.

Peace to you today, I'm battling a bad headache today, too.

But it's not a migraine *highfive*

Susan said...

Hi Middle Child....Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you have a nice Saturday! Susan

Snowbrush said...

I went back three posts, but if you mentioned where you went, I missed it. You sound like you're in headache hell with all that noise, movement, kid interruptions, and dog hair.