Sunday, November 25, 2012

Headache in Vegas.

I think my daily headaches are from "living " with 7 dogs.  I forgot I have allergies to dogs.  But....I don't care.  I love dogs.  I will try to get some pictures to show you.  Thanksgiving was great.  Today they are putting up and decorating the tree.  Then church tonight.  After service John and my daughter-in-law are getting baptised.  I am sooooo  excited!!!!!  It's almost time to leave so I will get back to this before I post it.

I'm back.  Guess what?  I GOT BAPTISED TOO!  I know.  I expecting to be so led but....I did it.  Their church is large.  I liked it and wish I could attend such a church.  Hunter goes to a Lutheran church and is very much into the order of the service.  He isn't very flexible that way so.....I go with him.  I think it is the right thing to do but...I wish he were more open-minded.

I haven't heard from Hunter in a week.  That is extremely unusual.  I left two voice mails and still no return calls.  If I were home,...I would have received 3 calls from him.  He should be home by now.  I will wait for his call.  I just hope he isn't injured or in jail.  You never know.

The weather has been absolutely perfect!  I hope it continues to be the same.  My grand daughter had a MAJOR meltdown today while getting ready for church.  It started out about what she was going to wear.  Then she somehow told her mom that she made them a card for their baptism and the she became hysterical.  It was unbelievable!  It's hard because my son wants to get involved by tough with her and Jennifer is too soft on her.  It's hard for parents to agree on discipline.  And it's hard for me to stand by and not intervene.  But I let them handle it in their own way.

Tomorrow is football/relax all day.  So....Yay!

Gotta recharge here.  Peace.


Wanda's Wings said...

It's very exciting about your families baptism. I am glad you were able to spend this time with your family. I am sure Hunter is OK. Continue to enjoy yourself.

The Bipolar Diva said...

Awesome on all the baptisms! That's so cool! Seven dogs, oh my! I'm wondering too what's up with Hunter...hmmm. You'll have to fill us in. I hope you enjoy the rest of yout time there in Vegas!

lotta joy said...

We attended a Lutheran church here, but the liturgical answers were so robotic. The Episcopalian church was the same. Luckily we found a Methodist church where it's laid back and the mistakes that are made during the services receive laughs from the congregation, the minister, and a more 'family' feel.

Outcast said...

That baptism is actually so cool to read about Middle Child although not so cool about the dogs, I'd sell a few of them on or something haha.

AVY said...

I love churches but I'm not religious. I belive in darkness and life before death.


Red Shoes said...

Congratulations on the baptisms...

I think that a belief system in anything that makes your Life better is good for you.

Seven dogs? I am allergic to cats... I think my ex wife knew this and was slowly trying to kill me by adding more and more cats to the mix... we wound up divorcing instead, which was a good outcome for me... :oD

It seems you are having a good time...


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Just ....go with "the flow."
When you are happy...I AM HAPPY!