Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jennifer Aniston stinks!

What a stupid blogger!  You know who I am.  Er...well....truth is good, right?  So you remember the last time I got my hair done?  Yeah, me neither.  But so I bought that perfume - just because I kinda like Jennifer even though she has been portrayed as extremely needy and desperate. Error #1 -I  bought this at the salon where I get my hair done.   I stumbled upon it yesterday as I was looking for something.  Error #2  -  There wasn't a tester.  Error #3 - I failed to take a moment to wonder why it was the only perfume there.  Error #4 - I spent $39 on a scent unknown.
Consequently, I am stuck with a perfume that smells like moth balls.  MOTH BALLS I SAY!!!!!
Let's try to be positive here.  At least it is long lasting.  Like.......... it doesn't even wash off.  Oh wait!  I'll be right back!
                    Nope, Oxy-clean doesn't work either.  Lesson learned.

SNOW!  We got our first snow!  So what that it only covers the roof and top of car.  It is snow dammit!  It counts and I am excited.  Oh....leave me alone.  Then my brain goes into warp speed, though briefly, thinking.....what if it is snowing when we have to go to the airport?  It is about an hour and a half north of here.  Could be alot snowier there.  But then my brain quickly went back to normal realizing that it probably won't even be snowing that day.

Daughter-in-law called to "warn" me about Cami's behavior.  (Our 7 yr. old Grand Daughter.)  Oh crap.  Now what?  There's always something  going  on there.  Like 3 days ago -remember, 8 dogs live there too - one of the Mastiffs attacked Harley - one of the Chihuahuas.   This is the dog that had been attacked by one of the other Mastiffs and was taken to the vet and had to be treated.  They kept him kenneled at home after that.  This time, while all the dogs were taken out back to do their last "business" before bedtime, Storm attacked Harley and while they rushed him to the vet, there was no hope and he had to be put down.  Makes me sick to even think about it.   Oh.....back to Cami.  Apparently she is a smart mouth and it sounds like it is serious.  If she does it to me.....well while I am normally able to put an instant stop to this with the other Grandkids.....it seems as though I will not have much luck with Cami.  I mean, for Jennifer to call and warn me tells me the severity of the situation.  We shall see.

Laundry time!


Red Shoes said...

So... the only question I have is how you know what the balls of a moth smell like? :oD


Outcast said...

Sorry to hear that the Jennifer Aniston perfume didn't smell too great Middle Child, I've always been fooled by her needy and desperate shtick too damnit! Hopefully you can put it to goo use or something, it's cool you're getting snow too, there's been none here so far on the home front haha.

Wanda's Wings said...

What a disaster with the perfume.No snow here yet. Good luck with your Grand daughter. Sounds like the parents should take the bull by the horns with her. MHO

momto8 said...

good luck with things with your granddaughter...and thanks for the heads up about the perfume. moth balls are a lot cheaper, so when I want that smell I'll pay the buck at the dollar store to get it.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Good luck with the granddaughter!

Ack, snow. So not ready for that.

Bijoux said...

Maybe you can spray your closets with the perfume and see if it works?

bj said...

Perfume gives me a headache anyway...

When do you leave for your trip?

Oh, don't worry about G-girl...she will fall in love with you and do anything you tell her, I bet.
Have a great time, Middle....
you so deserve it.

Dazee Dreamer said...

Maybe you should take your icky Jennifer perfume and spray it on her whenever she gets mouthy. hahahaha. Oh, I'm a mean one, aren't I.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Maybe the damned stuff went bad if it's been that long since you got your hair cut. ;0)Ya think!!!
Have to agree that the grandkid must be bad if you were warned before hand.
You just go and enjoy yourself. Don't buy into the kid.
NO reaction from you just might work.

Jimmy said...

I think I'd be taking that perfume right back to them, if oxy clean wont take it away there is a problem, or if Granddaughter gives you any trouble tell her, here I have some perfume that will smell good on you :)

Rob-bear said...

We're slowly settling into winter up here. Lots of snow all over the place. And the river is starting to freeze up. Though it sounds like you haven't reached that stage.

Lots of sad news from your dil. And maybe you should take that perfume for Cami.

Blessings and Bear hugs!