Sunday, November 11, 2012

At least now I know.

My daughter says that all the thoughts flying rapidly through my head are due to anxiety.  So...apparently I have traded in depression for anxiety.  It makes my head hurt.

I was having a good/interesting dream and wanted to finish it but cramps in my calves woke me up.

68 degrees out.  Tomorrow will be in the 30's.  The trees...they bow to the Royal Winds.

Yesterday was a blast!  I haven't laughed like that since....well I can't remember when.  I had to pull off on the shoulder I was laughing so hard.  It was awesome!

Burned hand between thumb and forefinger pouring hot coffee.  Yes, I ran it under cold water and it is OK now.

You know those candles that have wooden wicks?  They are supposed to crackle like logs in a fireplace.  They are made for those of who only wish they did have a fireplace.  Well,....mine doesn't crackle.  No fair.

The following picture are here due to the fact that I don't know what the hell I am doing.  But all know that about me so......


Snowbrush said...

Now there are two dogs that could keep a gal warm in winter!

Outcast said...

Cute dog photos Middle Child, I love dogs and those two are awesome! I was so happy to hear about you laughing so hard that you had to pull up onto the hard shoulder, to have the cause to laugh so hard must have been just awesome, it's great things are on the mend for you right now.

lotta joy said...

Anxiety is the sister of depression and they are the children of hopeless.

That's why I throw myself into first one thing, then another, trying to stay one step ahead of them catching up to me.

Being immobile allows the mind free range to wander into all the dark corners.