Saturday, October 20, 2012

Can you see the anger inside of me?

I don't even know if it's because Hunter is home or if it's one of the joyful, out of nowhere feelings I wake up with.  Why can't  I wake up with a "I'm gonna run around the neighbor hood today.  With balloons.  With a pinwheel.  Wearing my weirdest clothes and my tiara!"
You are right. I do wear weird clothes anyway.  Be glad.  I usually just wear my PJ's if I am not going out.

I am going to start decorating for Christmas now.  No,....I am not rushing the season.  It's just that I have some room now and before Hunter brings more shit in....I am putting up my deckies and my tree.  Yes.  My tree.  I haven't had a tree up in 5-6 years.  No room.  "Course Hunter brought the  hates me   dog back with him.  I'm sure  biter  Maggie will tear it apart.  But I don't care.  Just gives me one more thing to cry about. Seriously.  Have you ever heard of anyone who cries because their dog doesn't like them?  Everyone says I am too sensitive but I wonder if it because I think only of myself.  I mean...I don't think I do but what if.....?

Sorry about the fact that it got cloudy the minute I hung the sheets on the line.  It is my fault.  My grandma used to call when it rained or got clouding and she'd ask if I had clothes on the line.  Usually I did.  Of course it was a joke between us but it happens often.

I need to see what room Hunter is going to be messing around in today so that I can work in another room.  I think he is going to be outside washing his truck.  Yay!  I get to do stuff in the bathroom and kitchen!  I need to go through cabinets and clean the bathroom.  Finish dishes. Blah, Blah, Blah.

And so I leave you with that.  Just a big old BLAH.


Outcast said...

I sometimes have days like this, in fact I have more bad days than good days but I wouldn't be too upset that your dog reacts to you in a bad way sometimes, it's just an animal as awesome as pets can be and their reaction to you isn't based on whether you're a bad person or not, hopefully tomorrow's a more focused day!

Anonymous said...

You are SO random and I love that! Are you really putting up Christmas decorations?? Say it isn't SO?!!

Unknown said...

I like that idea. I totally missed the Halloween decorations. Too busy picking up broken crap. If I put up the Christmas stuff now, I'll have the energy to take them down in 1.5 months. Thanks for stopping by. It's always nice to see you. ;-)

momto8 said...

dogs love whoever gives them treats.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Whyyyyyyyyyyy do WE women put up with the things we do and whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do WE stay.
I've never found the answer. sighhhhh
As I've said...when the bad outweighs the good it's time to shitcan that PITA in your life, which I did twice.
Why I stood for the mental/physical abuse so long is the sixty four thousand dollar question. Always hoped that HE WOULD change was a dumb reason.
Kind of think you are thinking along those same lines. Love dies HARD and don't I KNOW IT!
Take consolation in knowing that others have walked in your shoes. Oh sure...the circumstances and events may be different, but none the less our pain was the same.

P.S. What could the reason be for Maggie to not like you? Does a certain someone get delight in the fact that she bites you?
You were with her as a puppy. I'm wonderinggggggg.
(((hugs)))my friend,Pat