Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Too Hot. Too Tired. Too Busy.

Baseball = a damn good tan.  One game Saturday and two on Sunday.  Whew!  Cain won the tournament!  The first three innings were boring as hell.  Walks or strike-outs.  I hollered out - HIT THE BALL.  I DIDN'T COME HERE FROM ARKANSAS TO SEE THIS!    So I lied.  No one knew I lived only about 50 minutes away.  But they did start hitting the ball.  Dawn, another 2 ladies, a man and I were really sick of their 3rd base coach.  He was a jerk.  When our pitchers forearm was starting to hurt the coach is like....."they're in trouble now."  And he repeated several times as well as other rude comments.  And he's yelling at us..."I can say whatever I want!"   I know,, small penis, right?  Anyway, the referee told us to shut up in so many words.  They ended up tied 2-2 at the end of the game so they went into another inning.  Cain's team was up first.  They scored 3 runs!  Other team then scored no more.  5-2.  Exciting game.  So much so that I kind of turned one street before the tollway going home a I was exclaiming out loud to myself about the game.  Yeah, you all know I am weird.  I soon realized the error as the street was so pretty.  Turned around and managed to make it home OK.

The tired part is different.  I seem to sleep about 4-5 hours a night then need a 3 hour nap.  It is my own fault that I stay up so late.  But it is Hunter's fault that he's back to waking me in the mornings.  This morning it was......."I'm leaving now.  Don't forget to get up in an hour and let Maggie out."
So I got up.  Whatever. 
I had jury duty for the first time yesterday.  It was different.  I didn't get called to be on the jury and I got free doughnuts so I guess that was OK.  And I earned $14 for my effort.  That puts almost 3 gallons of gas in the tank. Woo-Hoo!

Hunter has had a super bad cold.  He went to his pulmonologist today.  The doctor said that being sick has exacerbated his COPD. and was put on steroids (which make people crazy angry) and also to use his rescue inhaler twice a day.  Doesn't sound good to me.  His cough is sooooo bad.

Other than that, they say it should be down in the 70's this weekend.  I can only hope and pray.

Daughter still hasn't found a place to live.  She is still in denial I think.  She feels they should be able to rent a house as big as theirs is.  She looks down on all the places she sees on line or in person.  Really? All I would care is that it is a safe place to live.  They aren't buying the place.  Can't advise and can't worry.


Grammy Goodwill said...

Glad Cain's team won. It makes all the sitting worthwhile, doesn't it?

lotta joy said...

You can't advise and can't worry.....I would advise you that you ARE worrying in spite of your denial.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Hell....that's all us mothers do is worry about their kids. %#@##*@