Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Day. Another Holler.

At least I was given fair warning.  Four days of getting up to an alarm and finally a day to sleep in.  Ya think?  Nope.  I was told to be up early so we could, "Get at it."  It meaning.....he wanted me to help him freeze corn.  He wants to go for groceries.  Aaaaand.  I have to fix the freezer.  It was leaking on both front corners.  (side-by-side refrigerator)  The last time I went to Appliance Repair University, never.  He was really mad..  He said it was because I never clean the inside.  Well yes I do.  In fact, I put stuff on shelves the way it should be.  A dairy shelf, a liquid shelf, etc.  It takes him three or four hours to mess that all up.  He has so many little pieces of crap food that he puts all over the place.  I even tried to put all those things in a large plastic bowl so it would be all in one place and he could see what he had.  Nope.  He wouldn't do it so after a couple weeks, I gave up.  Here's the thing.  Even if the interior was coated in food and um,..mold or whatever,.that would have nothing to do with the workings of the unit.  I even vacuum the coils on a regular basis.  I thought, "You ass.  I'll show you!"  And I called my friend, the appliance guy and he said not to pay attention to what Hunter says.  He said that what was wrong is just something that happens sometimes.  It was an easy fix.  Hunter did at least bring up one cooler.  I will get the gallons of frozen water and bring up another cooler.  There is no room in the basement freezer so I will use the coolers.  I figure if I don't have to empty the fridge, the frozen food will be OK in coolers.  Plus, the basement freezer is full of wild game and weird shit.
So I got up this morning like any dutiful wife and after a cup of coffee, came in to help him freeze the corn.  He said he didn't need me to help him.  That it was a "one man job."  OK, so I started on the freezer but as soon as he saw me he's like "Oh.  Are you going to start on that?  If so, I will leave the corn 'till later."  I told him that he could go ahead and that I would do the freezer when he was done.  I told him I would go back out front and finish my cup of coffee.  As I am walking out he said he could use my help.  That it would go faster.  Um...did I mention that I offered and he said  it was a one man job?  Errrrrr.   I came out anyway. Would like to do some laundry but his food sealer is down there on top of the washer and dryer.  For my birthday I would like my own kitchen and laundry room.  And while I am having wild wishes here,.....I would also like my own bathroom.  In lieu of that.....I will take myself to TJMaxx and also to Goodwill.  So there!  I also got a gift certificate for Olive Garden and since Hunter has been asking me where I'd like to eat on my birthday, I told him Olive Garden.  As most of you know, men do not like Olive Garden.  He will probably tell me to go there some other time and that we should go to........He did, at least, buy be my German Chocolate Cake.  I know I shouldn't complain but as the frosting is the best part...It is the same kind he got last year.  Two layers of cake, no frosting on the sides or in the middle and dry.  I think I will cut a circle right out of the middle.

Better go in and help the poor lad.


Unknown said...

Oh you are too funny...mess up that cake, huh? Hang in there kid!

Rob-bear said...

"Men do not like Olive Garden"? That is news to this Mediterranean-eating household. Sadly, we don't have an Olive Garden in our city. Yes, life is tough. When we go to "bigger places," we often try to find one.

And he lets you eat cake. Even buys you one. How "sweet."

Perhaps your own kitchen and bathroom would be very reasonable ideas this year.

Happy Birthday, nonetheless!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Let there be cake! Better yet, let the good times roll and roll and roll. Hang in there! (((hugs)))Pat

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Karen, happy birthday to you.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Happy birthday. I don't know how you keep at it, dear. (I never liked German chocolate cake because I thought it didn't have enough icing. Only that stuff on the top and a little between the layers. Maybe you could add some of your own???) At least working in the freezer should be a cool job.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday :) I'm enjoying your blog.