Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sex on the Beach

No, not that time with my fiance when I was 17.  That was a whole other thing.  I remember I had this orange denim 2-piece.  The top was just that and the bottom was like boy shorts with a belt that hung just so on my hips, grazing the bottom of my belly button.  When we got back in the car I noticed the uncomfortable feeling of sand between the suit and my bottom.  I took off the suit and dried off and shook out the sand. 

When I was 15 I had a pen pal in the service.  I had pictures taken of me in my sister's little bikini and sent one to him.  In return I received a card.  Inside was printed, "About sex at your age....." and it was signed by everyone in his platoon including his Sargent.  Pretty cool.

So.  We were at the  Dells and it was a cluster-f**k as I knew it would be.  Once we got to the restaurant I decided to have a drink.  I had my first martini ever.  Sex-on-the-beach.  It was fruity and so refreshing and I guzzled it down.  So thirst quenching!!!  Then BOOM!  I was drunk in a scary way.  The feeling just escalated.  That didn't stop me from almost grabbing the waiter by his lapels as  I held up my glass and told him, "More sex please."  I wisely left the drink sit until after we'd eaten..  I was still drunk but drank it anyway.  Needless to say......I was too drunk to drive the 3-1/2 hours home.  And stayed up until the alcohol left my system.  That way I feel great the next day.  Oh.
 I left out the fact that this was a super expensive restaurant at Chula Vista.   The bill-which we picked up-was over $800.00!  'Course that was for 8 people but shit!  Are you kidding me?  Next time (if there IS a next time) I will wear an evening gown and my tiara and diamond earring.  I know my husband was shocked at the bill.  I expected it to be in the hundreds but seriously!  I did tell him I wanted to eat there for my birthday in August and again for our anniversary on Valentines Day.

And so we are in the100's for the next couple of days. 

Thank-you to all who served to keep us free.  We love and appreciate you.  I am sorry that the Vietnam vets were treated with such vehemence when they returned.  Many came home so messed up at the atrocities they were ordered to commit.  Then they return to be called names and spit on.  I Hope they are getting their gratitude now, even though it is delayed.  Enjoy and celebrate our freedom!


Wanda's Wings said...

Isn't it fun to relive those days gone by. Happy 4th to you and your family.

Ms. A said...

Happy 4th!

Debby said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. The power outages are from the high winds we had on Friday.
I'd love to see a picture of your grandkids. Hope they don't read you blog.......haha kidding.

The Bipolar Diva said...

I love Sex on The Beach! Eight hundred dollars? yowza! There's a place here in Portland that Jeff and I go to that usually costs us around 250 but we only do that once or twice a year.
I loved your story about the bikini and the card, that was awesome.
Hope you have a happy and safe Independence Day!

Rob-bear said...

Orange denim, you say, Fascinating. Dry it out, and shake it out, and, well, . . .

Happy 4th of July from a Canadian friend.

Red Shoes said...

Happy Independence Day, you...



The Geeks Paradise said...

We've been in the hundreds here for about a week and a half straight. It is fairly miserable.

Marianna Annadanna said...

It's been about 100 here too, but I like it :) Maybe not the suffocating humidity, but I can't complain!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Sex On The Beach is made with orange juice and peach brandy...right?
I drink apricot brandy and orange juice on occasion since I was of age. Been told there is no name for that drink. STILL some 50+ years later. :0(
What can you come up with...for a name for it? ;0)
Hit me with it!!!
$800 for 8 persons to eat??? Now that's called...getting screwed, just saying.;0) Hope your meal was memorable.
Loved Memory Lane....THOSE were our days. (((hugs)))Pat