Monday, July 2, 2012

It's still too early.

I am hot and tired.  I feel terrible for all those who are having even hotter weather and/or have to work in it.  Today we are going to meet Hunter's son and Matt's family at the Dells.  So what do you wear to play mini-golf and then go to dinner at a place that requires reservations?  Doesn't really matter because well, it's Wisconsin after all.  Plus, I will be a bucket of sweat once we get there despite an air conditioned vehicle.  Mini-golf may just be a thought on Hunter's part and if we end up sitting outside the pool in the sun for a few hours.,......that will not sit well .with me.  I could bring my suit and... even though I couldn't care less about changing clothes in public like beside my car or at poolside, I think that could get me arrested.  We plan to get there around 2pm and dinner reservations aren't until 7pm.  What will we be doing in the mean time?  We just wanted to spend some time with the grankids doing something other than watching them swim.  Sure, that would be fine but they have a pool at home and they go to resorts/waterparks almost every weekend so their house stays clean.??????  So don't you think we could just play games or laugh or do all the things we do with my son and daughter and their kids?  Please don't think I am doing a preferential thing regarding my kids against his kids.  I am not like that.  Well, we have much more fun with my kids' children but Hunter's kids all have their shit together financially so.......

For instance.....Saturday my son, his wife and their two kids (plus Tebow) came over.  Jennifer and Cami went to Jenn's grandma's and John and I went to the flea market.  Hunter watched Tebow.  He loved it because he really misses having a dog.  And yes, was really hot but John and I had the best time at the flea market.  We were able to sneak a little time in front of the fans in some of the semi-open buildings and there was also a large building that was air-conditioned.  Love being with that boy.  Then once we got home we met up with Jenn and Cami at Buona Beef to eat.  Afterwords, Jenn wanted to take me to her new favorite store that she discovered with her grandma.  There was one  on the way home to my house also so we girls went and John and Hunter went home.  The store is called Charming Charlies, not that most of you are familiar with it, and in fact, I always though it was a restaurant.  It was fun!  Lots of trendy and inexpensive jewelry, hats, purses, some clothes and other inexpensive accesories.  I bought 2 hats for Cami because she looks so damn cute in them and....she actually wears them.  I only bought two scarves.  They were so delicate and victorian looking and...What?  Well yeah, I do literally have at least forty scarves but they don't take up any room so it's not like I am adding to the clutter.  Oh, and some perfume just because it had a roller ball applicator.  Now what?  Yes as a matter of fact I do have alot of perfume already but this was just a tiny little vial.  Now leave me alone!

Once we got home, Jenn and I went up to my bedroom and showed Cami all my purses.  Now you'd think a girl her age would be all ooooo and ahhhh.  Nope.  She is kind of a little adult at times.  She's like....why do you have so many?  You don't have room for all these.  Why do they still have price tags on them?  (that little shit!)    I'd already given her a tiny coach purse and a Kathy Van Zealand purse.  Plus while we were up there looking I gave her another coach purse and another purse.  Then we looked at my necklaces.  You know, going to Grannies is like shopping at a really cool store.  I had already given Jenn a Brighten purse and when we were looking at the jewelry, she liked a Lia Sofia necklace so that was hers.

But this is what I am talking about.  Sure we made plans to go to the flea market but they were running late and that was fine with me.  No strict time scheduale.  Just fun.
I will be bringing a good attitude to the Dells.  We will see what transpires.  At the very least, it will be a nice drive and I know I'll get a good meal.

Sorry for any errors in this post.  Either spell-check is broken or I am getting really good at spelling.  I am laughing my ass of at my comment about spelling.  Let's just say I will never enter a spelling bee.

Lakes, pools, lemonade for everyone!!!!!


Rob-bear said...

Sounds like an awesome day! If you had been in the Great White North, you could have said you were celebrating Canada Day, and people would have believed you. Totally! July 1st!

Hope you have a wonderful time on the 4th, too!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I would love a coke zero instead of the lemonade. Does that make me uninvited?

Ms. A said...

Sweet tea for me, please. Normally I'd be drinking coffee, but it's soooooo hot.

Hope you had fun!

Gnetch said...

Oh it's been raining a lot here lately, but when it's not, it's really hot.

I love that you had a fun day. You gave Jenn a lot of stuff. Haha!

And I want a glass of lemonade. Or two. (With vodka please. :p)

Wanda's Wings said...

Flea markets are so much fun. Have a happy 4th!