Monday, June 4, 2012

Wake up little girl.

I should have gotten up when I woke up the first time.  Am trying to get awake now so I can shower and yes....even paint my nails.  Weather is beautiful for a ballgame- (Cain's) . Hunter is starting all his "would you do this, this and this?" stuff.  I am conveniently not listening to him.  A comment from me would only  start a fight with him.  I will empty the dishwasher-if my nails are dry.  I might even wear some of my gazillion earrings  in case my ex is there  I have and should change to one of the trillion purses I have.  Hunter can't argue that as he is the one always saying, " Why don't you wear/use ......." about all the stuff I have.  I am already prepared to ignore his ignoring me at the game.  It usually makes me sad and crabby, especially in contrast to the fun teasing I get from Dan (Ex).    I will focus on the game instead of trying to get my daughter to talk to me.  I will just sit there looking awesome and feeling great.  And acting out as I tend to do, but this time I won't care what others think.  I will be having a good  bunch of medicines  time.

Hunter has this fixation with leaves and wants me to wake up early tomorrow so we can rake leaves out of my flower beds - have I mentioned it is spring here? - whereas I simply need to weed them and he rakes like a madman, emerging flowers be damned.   Then I have a pile of large rocks - 8 to 10 " -  that I still need to plant or fix as I chose.  He wants me to move out all the rocks so he can dig out the 2 trees that have started to grow there and rake out the leaves.  He says I can bend over better than he can - which is true  ( though kneeling just kills my knees ) -  because of his lungs and the decreased breathing that happens when his lungs are compressed due to bending over.   But......I am not to lift heavy things - aortic aneurysm, remember?  I will sit down and roll the stones out of the way.  I had planned to wake up early to mow the lawn.  Oh well.  We are going to Meadow's game tomorrow so I will quit and take a shower before we go. 

After church yesterday we came home and went back later to help them set up for sale.  I joked that all the candles I brought will fill up a whole table.  Well, a few others brought candles and damned if we didn't fill a whole table!  I also brought in and Antique Child's Victrola including extra needles and a couple records.  Looked it up later at home and just the empty cabinet alone was listed for $95 and that's without the inner workings plus it had been repainted and newer decals added so......we'll see what it goes for.  I feel bad that I feel bad that I didn't keep it for myself to make some money off of it.  Did you understand that last sentence?

So yeah.  on to another great day! Wheeeeee!


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

You GO GIRL! ;0) (((hugs)))Pat

Just Be Real said...

Weeeeee! Indeed. Blessings.

lotta joy said...

Boy, do I understand. When we moved last year I called an antique dealer and gave her the entire contents of our attic and loft for $200 just to get the things hauled away.

But, you did it for charity....feel better now? I didn't think so.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

OOOO, I want that antique child's victrola! Sorry, that probably doesn't make you feel any better. laurie