Wednesday, June 13, 2012

He said "Fuck-you" and got ejected.

Last time it was 30-3.  Last night?  17-1.  Cain's baseball game.  One of the players on Cain's team didn't slide into home plate. (he said he tried to slide but that the guy grabbed his helmet.)  He crashed into the pitcher who was covering home.  His run was counted as an out and the other kid swore at him and so he was ejected from the game.  The other team just has a bad pitcher and a bad catcher.  What can I say.  I feel bad for them but....Cain's team is four and oh.  Yay!  Two of my husbands sat next to each other.  Daughter was in a decent mood.  It was a good night.

Now I am getting a new fun thing to deal with.  Sometimes when I eat, it's almost like the food gets caught in my throat but not.  A burning feeling.  Crap. Like I really need acid reflux or heartburn or whatever.  I am going to try to quit smoking today.  When I don't smoke.....I don't seem to have the desire for more than one cup of coffee.  I almost crave water.  This will help me in many ways.  And it better cure this heartburn crap!  I refuse to take yet another pill. 

I cancelled my sleep study and re-scheduled it for two weeks.  We are going to the wake and the burial is the following day.  No funeral.  Don didn't believe in God so I was wondering what I should pray for.  He doesn't have a wife or kids.  His other relatives have taken advantage of him and so......I did pray for his relatives anyway.  I wish I could pray him into Heaven.  That is not possible.  To be sure,  Hunter did talk about it with him when the opportunity arose but....... 
I am tired and kind of don't want to go.  But I will.

 I am way behind in getting ready for this garage sale.  We have furniture that we are selling but I can't even see how we could get it to the door let alone out the door.  This will have to be moved and I cannot do this anymore.  Hunter shouldn't be doing this lifting either.  He will ask the boys next door.  They will help but much stuff hoarders will have to moved before we can even think about hauling the stuff out.  We can't put the stuff in the garage hoarders because it is full of tools and other needful things.  I had planned to alternate the grandkids games one a week between the two who play but last night Hunter told Meadow that we would be there tonight.  Love those babies but...sometimes it wears me out.

On the plus side....the weather is beautiful!  Have a peaceful day. 


Susan said...

Dear Middle Child: You are special, too. I am always happy when I've seen that you stopped by my beloved blog and commented, too. Sometimes the troubles and worries of life bog us down. It's at those moments, precisely, that we must keep our EYES ON THE ROCK.
Even though your friend didn't believe in God, he was still God's child and was loved by the Creator. What happened when he stepped over to the other side, we'll never know but God does. And that's all that really matters, Middle Child. Have a good (and peaceful) day. Susan

lotta joy said...

WAIT!!!! When I told my gastroenterologist that I was going to stop smoking...he said, and I quote: "I have crohns too and...I can't believe I'm going to say this....but I smoke too. IF YOU STOP, your crohns will come out of remission. We don't know WHY, and it's not well published, but it's true."

I was in shock. He said "To prove how sincere I am, I'm going to write a prescription for FOUR cigarettes a day. NOW do you believe me?"

Of course FOUR is not do-able for me.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Phewwwwwwwwww!!! You've worn me out.
Just funnin. Stop putting me to shame. :0) (((hugs)))Pat

Coffeypot said...

Like on the old tombstone, "Here lies an atheist all dressed up and no place to go."