Monday, June 25, 2012

After the sale and more so the day after, I thought I died .......

and went to, no.  I was too tired to even catch the bus to Heaven.  I slept alot.  Made a little over $300.00 as did my neighbor.  My son and daughter-in-law worked their asses off.  I smoked and drank coffee worked really hard too .  Today we hauled the leftovers to Goodwill.  Hunter says, "Now you are banned from Goodwill for 3 weeks because you would probably buy it all back."  He's right.  My neighbor -who talked me into having this sale- made coffee cake for our breakfast then a meal for us to come and get a plate of whenever we wanted.  My grandson Josh -age 9- thought it was the greatest thing ever that he could just go over there.  And man, you should have seen him selling lemonade.  OMG!  He was the cutest dude ever!  He was hollering out, "Lemonade!  Cold Lemonade!  If you want it hot, then scram.!"  He held the sign and then he was twirling it like they do in Vegas and I have seen this in Florida too.  I gave him start-up money with no thought of getting it back.  I'm Granny you know.  Damned if he not only counted it up but he also returned the start-up cash to me when he had made enough.  Their puppy Tebow is so precious!  Everyone asked if she was for sale.  The other two things that everyone wanted were the ladder at the end of the driveway that signifies a sale and was decorated with signs and a shiny, attention getting heart cascade.  And....they wanted my little old wooden rocking chair that I had brought out for Josh to sit on.  I am glad it's done and once again........."I SWEAR I WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER SALE!!!!!!" 

Tomorrow we are going to Cain's ballgame.  The weather will be really nice.  We will not go to Meadow's game Thursday cuz it will be 100 degrees out.  I was sure they wouldn't have these kids play in that heat but....yup, they have never cancelled due to the heat.  I also see my therapist tomorrow.

Thursday I have my sleep study.  I will have to have a talk with these people or they will just up my titration without even delving deeper.  It could be because of the type of "mask" I use or,...sometimes I wake up and my arms are all red or my stomach has that pitiqia or whatever those red dots are that indicate a person isn't getting enough oxygen.  I wish I could go to the place I went to the first time.  That guy was young and cute very patient and observant.  I do sleep very well though.  It's just that I wake up and am so tired all the time. 
I also think the synthyroid is making me tired aaaaannd messing with my blood sugar.  But I love that it has somehow absorbed all my depression!!!!!  It's like a miracle.

My son and I and his family want to go to the flea market.  It is my favorite thing to do.  My late husband and I used to go every month.  Hunter and I have gone a few times and I have gone a few times alone and/or with my kids.  John and I will go regardless of the weather.  I totally crave a funnel cake.  They also have those big pretzels but with cream cheese in the middle.  To die for!

The following week brings a whole other type of family.  Hunter's son and wife and our grandkids with them are going to be here from Florida.  There is still a conflict of plans and I am staying out of it.  Hunter and his son are two adults and can figure this out themselves.  Shit,  even as I am saying this, I plan to look up the Wilderness resort to see what/if we would pay to get into the water park just for the day.  I think it is that Monday.  The end of the week is Josh's birthday party to which my daughter will not be invited.  Remember, my son and daughter's families have issues between them.

Just wanted you to know I have survived my final garage sale.  What?  I can hear you laughing you know.



The Bipolar Diva said...

synthroid has been a miracle in my life!

Rob-bear said...

No, not laughing; cheering up here!

And I hope they do a thorough review of the sleep test.

Blessings and Bear hugs, especially on Thursday.

Angel Shrout said...

I am dreading doing the estate sale for Mom's stuff in 2 weeks. Everyone wants to have it but no one wants to get their crap together to get it ready to have.. Seriously... Woohoo on how much you made.. and now take it easy hun you earned it.

Gnetch said...

I've never held a garage sale even though I know I need to get rid of a lot of stuff. I'm glad you survived!!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

C'mon to my house, to my house, c'mon! ;0)

Furry Bottoms said...

*giggles* but it was a good tired from the gsaling, right?

lotta joy said...

You survived, but nearly killed yourself for $300. Kind of takes the joy out of surviving. I have diabetes and I'm here to tell you that funnel cakes are the devil's playground where blood sugar is concerned.

My brother-in-law and sister were on high doses of synthroid due to thyroid cancers. He thought he was having a heart attack, sis couldn't move for the joint pains and tiredness.

They lowered their synthroid and felt normal the next day.

But the doc said: "You have two choices - feel good, or avoid the cancer coming back."

Life can beat you in the balls.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Great news - you survived the yard sale, got rid of stuff (even what went to Goodwill), and you made $300! I'd call that a success. My mom takes synthroid, but she can't communicate any problems with us. I wonder if she has any of those symptoms mentioned and we just don't know about it. Sad.