Monday, May 28, 2012

Sell or Give Away?

Possibly 96 degrees today, breaking a 1977 record for this date. Which actually makes it an over 100 year old record. Make sense? Oh. I didn't think so. Then by Thurs. a high of 56 degrees! I will be excited for that. I woke up at 6 AM this morning. That's ridiculously early! For me anyway. Hunter made dinner in the deep fryer outside and as he keeps the oil, I think that's what messed me up. I couldn't get to sleep and also had trouble staying asleep. I can always take a nap this afternoon.

  Am actually looking forward to today because even though the date for turning in stuff for our churches rummage sale, Hunter talked to someone at church and they said that we could bring more stuff this coming Sunday. I can put the backseats down in my Rendezvous and fill it up!  What?  Oh shut up.  I know I will have to empty it of   all the crap I have recently purchased at thrift shops  things I carry at all times like a sleeping bag - you never know when you'll find someone new to sleep with  for when it gets cold at the ballgames and a shopping cart to haul stuff  I purchase at the flea market  to the ball games like chairs and the cooler many of you are believing this?  Should I continue?  Nah.  You guys are getting too smart to believe my bullshit.  We can also fill up the back of Hunter's pick-up truck.  Talk about a crap load of stuff!  My neighbor is having a garage sale on the 23 but I hate the ideal  Too much work and I have had so many.  Ug.  The last sale I had...the first day was as I priced it-and I price too low.  The second day everything is half price and the third day everything is free.  I think people take it as a joke.  They seem reticent to just take the stuff that is left and I'm not talking plsc. cups or junk.  We still had alot to donate after that.  Even though I could use the money-remember I only get an "allowance"-it isn't worth it to me.  And if it's all gone, Hunter won't have any excuse not to fix the walls.  Actually, I have tons more that still has to get gone and then there's all the junk in my  garage.  Looks like I will have to have a garage sale too.  Gah.

Loved the Hunger games trilogy.  Now I want to see the movie but it is either gone at the theaters or not on video or on demand.  WHERE IS IT? 

Happy Memorial Day although oddly....I don't see it as a happy thing being that it "celebrates" the death of solders.

Opps.  I forgot to tell you about the flies.  Hunter is soaking a deer skull, antlers attached.  It is in one of those 5 gallon white pails and stinks in such a way that I have to cover my nose when I  pass by it.  Thank God it is outside.  If it was inside, he's already be "wearing" it.  It atracts these horse flies.  Now since yesterday, they seem to have taken over the garage.  I do not understand this as the bucket is far, far away from the garage.  I have to wonder if Hunter put something in here that also smells. 

Have a good and peaceful day.  We'll see if we get the storms tonight. There is a possibility of thunderstorms.  I would love a good storm!


Coffeypot said...

I love storms, too. When we moved out of the old house we though of having a yard sell. But we could never coordinate our times and get day that didn't rain, so we called the county Humane Society thrift store and gave it all away. It took two moving vans to cart it all away. And I was totally happy. I would end up kicking the shit out of some tightwad trying to Jew us down on a dime item. Cheapskates!

Unknown said...

We're considering putting it all in the yard with a "free to a good home" sign on it.

Stay out of the garage for a while. Ew.

lotta joy said...

When I moved a year ago I could have made a financial killing on a garage sale, but 8 times we hauled a full truck of housewares and clothing to the Goodwill.

And while he's not looking, take the deer head to the church rummage sale.

grins said...

I always throw elk heads on an ant pile.

I have stuff in boxes from when we moved twenty years ago I can't let go of in case I need it.

klahanie said...

Oh I do so hope you were meaning 96 degrees Fahrenheit, or you will be in a bit of a bother :)
I hope y'all had a peaceful, positive Memorial Day. We are expecting a thunderstorm over here, in my part of lil' ol' England.
I also love a good storm.
Take care...

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Why is it with some guys that they can never ever have enough of "dead heads"! It's a turnoff for me and only would be "right" if the animal was taught how to shoot back at his/her attacker or it was the only way a person could get their protein. . ;0) Just give me good old green paper with heads on em and I'll buy my own meat...thank you.
Good luck on getting rid of your good shit.Wish I could bring myself to do it. sighhhhhhh


Anonymous said...

That sounds like some serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer kind of stuff...deer head in a bucket with God only knows what else. Waiting for the flesh to be eaten away. Eeech! Anyhow, sounds kinda cool.

We had some storming last night in OK and it was grand. I love sleeping while it's raining.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Some movie theaters might still have the movie out. I know the one near me has it out for one more week.