Saturday, May 26, 2012

Octopussy and Stripping in Church.

Wisconsin.   This is certainly for a good cause - Money goes to Northwoods Humane Society Spay and Neuter Program.  Here's the blurb in the paper...."NHS SPAY-ghetti and NO BALLS."  fund-raising dinner.
I thought that was clever. 

GNETCH - You always make sense!  BTW, It's called "Blunk Drogging."  I have done a couple posts  while drunk  about this.

SNOW - Hunter has always done this.  He is a retired electrician and he'd come home exhausted.  If he has a drink or two, he falls asleep even faster!  On a positive note.....he's never fallen face first into his dinner plate.

PAT - I did not know this about balls.  And don't ever worry about anything you say to me.  You can make any comment or ask anything.  We are one.

I is there a medication out there for remote-itis?  Hunter is severely afflicted.  If there is no treatment, you know of any support groups I could go to that address this type of problem?
I made some kind of weird shit for dinner per Hunter's instruction.  His friend Ralph came home from his other home or whatever.  So Hunter is back to going over there.  Ralph's wife (Mai) is from Vietman.  She's a sweetie but tough.  She makes food out of anything green she sees on her walks, bet she could even make something out of boogers!  So  I'm always grossed out   glad when she feeds him cuz then I don't have to.  So tonight he brought out a bag of frozen fish shit and parts.  Then he proceeds to tell me how Mai does it and that I need to do this and that and....I thought it turned out well but he make a couple comments.  I had the rice noodles (buttered and salted) and picked out a few pieces of crab and shrimp.  I did not pick out any of the other weird things and you know  DAMN WELL  I am not going to eat some dead octopussy.

Think it will make it to 96 degrees tomorrow?  Good.  A good day to stay inside and chill.  I hope it is cool in church cuz I don't think my strippin off clothes* Wouldn'tgo over too well.  It;s not like God hasn'r seen me already but talk about dropping the collection plate.........YIKES!
OOOOOOOhhhhh. *Now I get it.  You know.  The phrase - "Hotter than a Whore in Church."

Yeah.  Marriage has taught me alot of things.  Alot of new words and phrases.  And Hunter always gives everyone a different name.  So much so that half the time I don't know who he's talking about!  Like the assistant manager.  He called him Buffalo Bob.   The manager he called  Mr. Orgasm because his last name was similar.  Can you imagine the restraint I had to have in order to not call someone their "nickname?"  ( this was back when I worked.)

So peace and love to all of you.  Thoses celebrating Memorial Day with picnics, may God bless you with good weather.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Has anyone ever told you that YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! U R m/f, UR!
I say so, so that makes IT SO! I shit you not!
I wouldn't have eaten "that shit". My first ex use to make some fucking bacon grease,flour, salt and pepper and water gravy and drop it on broken up white bread. He threw it against the wall when I refused to try it.
Then ordered me to put a smile on my face and clean it up OR ELSE!
I hated that son of a bitch!
He ate that shit all his life and died at age seventy two. Doctors don't know what the fuck they are talking about telling you this shit clogs your arteries. He should have been dead years before that!
I too had a "bad habit" of making up names ...hubby use to work for twin brothers who were always arguing with each other. I called them the Bell Brothers. Ding and Dong.
Another one was a girl not old enough to drink in bars ( but was ) with hugeeeeeeee eyes that were always fixed on my name for her was Lil Orphan Annie. If only I knew then...what I know now! sigh ;0)


bj said...

You talk of the wind in your has been blowing here so bad the last couple days, it's blowing the roses right off my bushes. It is sure not PICNIC weather for us here on the plains of West Texas. Guess we'll grill burgers and eat inside the house this Memorial Day.

Take care, have a good holiday and I'll "talk" to ya next week.
And, hoping your sore neck is much better.
xo bj

lotta joy said...

I'm here from Snow's blog. I never call anyone by their real name, especially if it's 'Dick'. I just can't do it.

I call a very talkative neighbor "Ratchet" (to myself) instead of her real name. My husband still laughs when he remembers the day I actually forgot her real name and called her Ratchet.

Gnetch said...

Haha! Glad you think I make sense!!

I think there's a Remoteholics Anonymous. I'll look it up for you and you can send Hunter over there.

I bet if Mai cooks boogers, it would be salty. Ew. Why did I even say that??? :p

I kinda always give people nicknames secretly. Sometimes. Sometimes I call them by that, too. Which they don't seem to mind. I just don't know if they have killed me already in their heads.