Tuesday, May 8, 2012

At least she said I can't do anymore heavy lifting.

Yay for that.  No more helping lift the heavy rototiller or snow blower up into the truck.  And of course, I need to quit smoking.  Any of you smokers out there feel free to call me up and blow smoke  up my ass into the phone.  I can live vicariously through you.  Oh.  I forgot to say who the ''she' was.  I had my appt. with the Cardiothorasic/Vascular surgeon about my ascending aortic aneurysm. (thinning of the wall of the aorta).  I guess it's supposed to be a 3 (something metric) and mine is a 4.1.  Surgery isn't considered until it's 5-point something.  Will have another CT in August as will as another scan of my thyroid  and  breasts.  Damn Hunter and his biting!
In other news...day at daughter's went well.  Once Dawn got home from her 12 hour shift, we went to Olive Garden.  Would have rather gone to somewhere a little cheaper as I have to pay for 6 people but OMG did we have fun!!!  Laughed throughout the whole meal.  Seriously.  I told them to quit the laughing because then that would cause me to cough which in turn would cause me to  fart and the all hell broke loose!  That got us laughing even more.  I started the whole thing by blowing the paper straw cover at Cain.  The boy's friend came with us.  They call him by his last name which is Brogan.  He had a Kool-aid t-shirt on. So naturally I called him Rogain or Kool-aid.  Then my daughter asked Cain what an invisible (?) number was.  That took us off laughing in another direction and I am surprised we didn't get kicked out!  Dawn texted me as I was driving home that it was just what she needed.  (Her husband just left that morning for work and will be gone about 6 weeks.)    I  didn't get lost   was surprised that my trip back home took almost twice as long as usual.

Gotta go in soon and make some potato salad for Hunter to take to his son's tonight.  I have an appt. with my counselor so  darn it I won't be able to go with him.  After therapy, I hope I don't accidentally go to Goodwill.  That would be stupid since I am also boxing up tons of stuff-good stuff included- to take to church for their garage/thrift/rummage sale.

Wish me luck on becoming a non smoker.  And if I I succeed, Prepare your selves for some really bitchy posts for awhile. For now....love you all!


Coffeypot said...

The good news is, after 24 to 36 hours after your last cigarette the nicotine is gone from your body (depending on how much water your drink.) After that, it is all habit and your mind playing games with you to get that smoking back. Just remember, until you light up the next cigarette, you are a non-smoker, and if you do light up, all you have gone through is gone. Power and control makes you strong.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

As a former 3 pack a day smoker who loved her butts and quit on a "whim" after seeing an ad for Chantix..... I'll shout "Chantix" from ther roof tops.
Best of luck and I can hope that it was /is as easy for you as it was for me.
As for the lifting....that's what they have "ramps" for.
One can even make their own. ;0)
The paid for meal didn't slide by me. Generally... the story of my life. Why can't we ( as in the two of us ) rent a movie and order pizza. ;0)Any ideas on that?

AiringMyLaundry said...

Good luck! You can do it!

Travis said...

I don't smoke, but I eat. It's going to kill me just as fast if I don't get it under control. So I see where you're coming from, and I wish you good luck!

Wanda's Wings said...

Stopping smoking is like stopping eating. Not a pleasant time for those around us.

Blogs said...

ahhhhh.....i will smoke for you! i only smoke when really feeling like i need to get some nerves free, so you'll be receiving a phone call. i wish i went with y'all....everytime i mention olive garden, B is like um no! asshole!

is it possible for your number to decrease over time or is this something you might have to have surgery for...gosh; hope everything is okay! keep us posted. :) ttys

bj said...

Hi, Mizz Middle Child...:)
Praying your next test will turn out good.

I am olden...will be 75 in December, New Year's Eve, to be exact..yep, EVERYone celebrates my birthday.:)
ANYway, I smoked for over 40 years...I must have been stupid out of my mind to smoke that long.
I quit 9 years ago, never wanted another cig and I've never looked back. It's a God thing with me and a fairly long story but, in a nutshell, I quit because I wanted to so badly. I prayed hard....and HE was there for me.
Good good luck on your quiting. I wish I could do something to help you along...so I'll pray for your strength.
NOW, I am on a diet to lose a few pounds and may I just say here, smoking is a hell of a LOT easier to quit than to stop eating all the GOOD stuff.:(
xoxoxo bj