Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Looks like we'll be having a naked Christmas.

That means no snow.  Santa's sleigh will probably tear off some singles when he lands on the roof.  Doesn't feel like Christmas again this year.  I am planning now to really go for it next year. No...really!  It's been wet and overcast but I have been flying above the clouds of depression.  Yay me!
Not much else here.  Hit a couple thrift shops.  Got a Waterford heart at Goodwill (among other things).  Got two Snowbabies at the other plus misc. stuff.
Tomorrow I am making a carrot cake for Hunter.  Also have other stuff to do around here.  May just get out some piano Christmas music and play a bit.  I could just spend the whole day on my hands and knees praying for snow.


Coffeypot said...

Not me! Praying for sunshine and a less swollen nose from my head cold.

Ms. A said...

Not only are we not expecting snow... we are expecting rain. Yuk!

Unknown said...

I love the titles you come up with!

The Bipolar Diva said...

for me, no snow is good snow, and a carrot cake.....yum!

Sairs said...

I wish I was somewhere it snowed at Christmas. Australia... well, it just doesn't happen :( Hope you have a good Christmas anyway without the snow!

Rebecca said...

I DID that! (The piano thing.) It helps me a lot.

I dreamed about My Favorite Thrift Store last night. Not Goodwill! It got all fancy on me overnight. One day it was its regular self....the next morning transformed into glamor.

You mentioned Baby Jesus being missing from the nativity sets you were seeing...I've seen no nativities this year. Either people are getting to them before me or I bought them all last year and there've been no recent donations.

I read about your bowling ball/cinder block borders...I may have to try that. I have 3 bowling balls currently posted on various outdoor stands. If they survive the winter (one bit the dust, er snow, a couple of winters ago) I might try the cinder blocks.

Merry Christmas. Hope our paths cross again soon (though as far as I'm concerned NOT in the snow).

ancient one said...

No snow for us and I'm happy about it. Got more than I wanted last year. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Helene said...

If it's any consolation, there is no snow here either. It hardly feels like Christmas!

G. B. Miller said...

Got the same thing here in Connecticut.

No white Christmas as the temps will be in the high 40's this year.

The Queen said...

No snow for us,, we got snow three days ago.. that's plenty. Have I mentioned how much I hate snow? I really hate snow..

I'm the woman that buys fireworks on the fourth of July but refuses to set them off.. I save them to shove up Frosty's butt and set off at Christmas!