Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Charlie Brown Christmas.

You guys remember the Christmas special, right?  Once I saw his sad little tree I knew I had to have one.  It spoke to me.  Last year my grandson picked this tree as my gift from him.  Every year I get what we now refer to as my cry gift.  There is always a sweet, unexpected one that makes me cry.  I put it up this year on top of the fridge.  I even had a strip of fabric that looks like Linus' blanket.  I wrapped that around the base of the tree.  For any of you that have seen this, will appreciate Hunter's comment.  I asked how it looked - with joyful expectation - and he said, "It's a little sparse isn't it?"  Ah well.  It is enough that it touches my heart.
I didn't send John any cookies last year so I will have to send a double batch this year.  I will bubble wrap the hell out of them but also include a spoon to eat them with,...just in case.  I would imagine that putting an arrow-This Side Up- or writing Fragile on it will be to no avail. 
Not much else.  There's no pressure this year as we aren't really having Christmas.  We will go to church of course, but my daughter has to work and then they are going to her sister in laws.  Maybe we can get some Red Velvet with White Fur trim to wear and chase each other around the house.  You know what I miss?  Making love under the Christmas tree. 
Still no snow.  It will be unbearable if we don't have snow on or before Christmas.  I sometimes think of Christmas in places like Florida where the Santas are in red shorts, sitting in a lawn chair sippin' a cold beer.  It must be weird.  Hey, as long as Santa knows where you live, it's all good right?
Hunter is grilling pot roast that I will then put in the oven to simmer along with some garlic cloves and onion.  Then I'll add celery, carrots and potatoes.  Yum!
For now, I am just trying to stay warm and have been reading alot of books.  Tonight is part one of a Stephen King movie called "Bags of Bones."  I read the book quickly so I would get a better sense of things.  Nothin' but fun here.


B said...

You're looking forward to bag of bones too, eh? Me too! I'm so excited.

Sorry about the lack of reaction to the tree. But really, Christmas is all about love with me. I don't really decorate very much and I sometimes handmake presents for those I care about. Not a whole lot of money or stress is spent for me this month.

betty said...

I bet that is a cute looking tree! I remember my mom sending cookies one year to us, she put them in a round tin and they came out good, no broken ones; of course that at least 15 years ago and perhaps the post office were kinder with packages. We aren't really having Christmas either; son will come down perhaps Christmas Eve to go to service with us with his girlfriend and her kids. It will be nice; I'm liking the no stress of it all with no decorating, etc.

Your roast sounds delicious!

I've done Christmas in the snow and Christmas in the warmth, I rather take it in the warmth LOL :) It is kind of funny though because people have signs on their yard "let it snow" as part of their decorations and in this part of Southern California it just isn't going to snow :)


Coffeypot said...

I love the CB tree and I bet yours looks even better. For me, I hate Christmas…or what it has become. I remember once, when I was single and before I met Judy, I got a plant from a lady I was dating and it died. So I got some real small Christmas ornaments, broke them and hung them on the tree. She didn’t like it, but it suited my feelings at the time. So I kicked her to the curb and started dating someone else. I didn’t meet Judy for another 5 years. Now she makes me ‘like’ Christmas.

Ms. A said...

At least Charlie Brown had a tree. I don't put one up. I'm ready for December 26th, when it's all over for another year. Now if the years would just slow down!

Wanda's Wings said...

Santa in red shorts. How funny. Christmas time is a time for memories and love. Cookies say I love you like nothing else.

klahanie said...

You're making me feel all Christmassy with this posting. Must put a stop to that feeling.
I quite enjoy spending Boxing Day Eve on my own. Okay, not quite on my own, I've got Penny the Jack Russell dog to keep me company :)

bj said...

I love little CB trees and especially when a grandson is involved. :))

I am always sorry when I hear people don't enjoy Christmas. It is all a state of mind, I think. I could easily become *mad* at Christmas, if I let myself. Ya know, it's all about the REASON for the SEASON, anyway. :)

As for making love under the Christmas tree...go for it, girl.:)))