Monday, February 28, 2011

And So It Goes.

I didn't feel good yesterday and so I slept on and off all day. Better today except for the headache I had which was increased by going to the dentist to have my crown put on.

This morning, I skated
on my patio
without my ice skates.
I did not fall.

The Hunter is home. Will he make me leave the computer and go downstairs? Hope not. This is relaxing for me. I am cold. Seems like it's always cold. I used to like the cold but now it is always present, swirling around me. Temps. set at 67 degrees during the day and 65 degrees at night. Should I wear my uggs to bed? Should I wear my coat around the house? Should I cook a turkey so big that it takes all day to cook thus keeping my house warm? Yes, I could turn up the heat. Why don't I?

Did I tell you about the rumble? Five dogs against one. Pack mentality. My son and his family live with his SIL & her boyfriend. They have 6 dogs. My son has one. Someone attacked the chubby chihuahua and the rest followed suit. Pack mentality. My sons dog, Delila, was straddling Harley, trying to protect him, biting anyone that came near. Roxie, the Bulldog stood and watched. They had to take Harley to the vet. He was is rough shape and had to have surgery. Was sent home with a cone and drainage tubes.
Then DIL went to hospital for recurring headache because she started having double vision. They gave her some meds, told her it was a migraine and sent her home. The the grandson went to immediate care because he got red splotches all over his skin and said his throat hurt. My son could see that it was all red and swollen. There was passing out and other stuff. The guys at immediate care said it was good they brought him in. If they hadn't, his throat would have closed up all the way. This the called a viral infection. He also got three-count them- three bags of fluid. They had to take him back in the evening cuz his stomach was hurting so bad off and on. He begged them to take him in. He's been in enough times and had enough procedures that he'd rather cut off his arm than go to a doctor. So for him to ask,.... They gave him pain meds and something for nausea. This is and has always been the way my sons life goes. Everything that can go wrong, does.
My daughter and her family are somehow still in their house and utilities are all still on. I don't know how but I am grateful. My daughter is the only one working and now the one college she attended is garnishing her wages, $2oo a month. May I remind you that she is not a doctor, lawyer or Indian Chief, so yeah, Just say prayers, I guess.
And to be selfish,......I just have to say, what's a mother to do. Dentist says I grind my teeth too much. Ya think?
Now wasn't this just the most informative post EVER? Oh well. Technically, this is my journal so,.....this is where I lay down all my crap.


Red Shoes said...

... and so it goes.

What a fabulous title to this.

After reading this, I need a drink... :oD


Jenner said...

I grind my teeth something fierce too. The dentist asked if I was stressed. I laughed at him.

Anonymous said...

Who needs enamel on their teeth when their stomach is to upset by stress to eat anything? I hope tomorrow is filled with roses and sunshine...oh who am I kidding. But I do hope it gets better even if only for a little while.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I actually enjoyed this post. I laughed when you asked should you cook a big turkey. hahaha. I was going to mention baking something.

I'm so sorry about your grandson and son and daughter. I will keep them all in my thoughts.

Jimmy said...

And I too would be grinding my teeth, when it rains it pours they say--heres hoping for some sunshine for you.

The Queen said...

I'm sending sunshine.. singing birds.. and a little old Queen with a drink and a walker.. to say.. HIYA..

Full-On-Forward said...

Turn up the Heat--you have enough stuff going on without being cold too!


On My Soapbox said...

We have a lot in common today: I also have a headache, grind my teeth, and am always cold. Tomorrow will be better. :-)