Sunday, January 9, 2011

Seeing things.

I want to thank all of you for the comments on my last post.

Tomorrow we go to Aunt Dor's again. We saw her last week and things were not good. She is frail. She should not be alone but I am not in charge of any of that. She is now hearing things. She confided in me that she hears the men singing all the time. She can make out the words but doesn't remember. She wishes they would sing when we were there so we could hear them. This was brought up at her doctor visit that her niece took her to. The doctor said it could be from the medicine. At least they aren't talking behind Aunt Dor's back. This woman is very smart. Anyway, I doubt it is her meds because they have only doubled her blood pressure/heart meds which she's taken forever and also Lasix or similar pill.
The Hunter wants me to go along tomorrow so I will but I am concerned we won't be back in time for my appt. with my drug dea,, my psychiatrist. I HATE to be late for any appts. He assures me that he will get me there in time. Leavin' it in God's hands. Really, if He can part the Red Sea, He can certainly part the rush hour traffic. Faith Baby! Faith!

Opps! I forgot to tell you the other interesting thing. Last week when we went into Aunt Dor's house, she asked me if I'd been there before. I kept silent a minute to consider my response because I wasn't sure if she was saying she didn't know me or what. She then asked if I'd just been in her bedroom touching her, like her arms and such. I said no but she asked again. Later, when The Hunter was in the kitchen busying himself, she mentioned how he is like his mom, too busy to visit. This made me sad. I mean, it's nice to do things for others but often what they need most is companionship. Anyway - boy, I sure do get off topic don't I? Ok - About the little girls,....We'd been talking and at one point I thought I noticed her eyes almost following something around the room. When she noticed me watching, she asked if I saw the little girls. I said I didn't. She went on to tell me about the little girls that run around the room and touch her as they go by. Then she'll say again that it's probably hallucinations from her meds. But she sees and hears these things. I did ask her if any of that frightened her and she said no. Once we got home, I told The Hunter and he called the cousin. I wish there was a way I could get her the care I think she needs!


The Bipolar Diva said...

That has to be scary for you! I hope something can be figured out for her.

Coffeypot said...

About two hours before my mom died she was waving at a little boy and girl she said was in the hospital doorway. I have an older brother and sister who died at birth. My brother, the gay drama queen of the family, believes it was her two kids coming for her. I think she was not getting enough oxygen to her brain and was hallucinating. Who knows for sure? Maybe lack of oxygen is her problem, too.

Sandra said...

Oh boy...being let down once again by the health care system. Finding the proper care is the hardest thing. Good luck, I hope the meds get sorted out.

Gnetch said...

I wish they find out what causes her hallucinations. It's hard enough that she's sick.

I'm sure she's glad that you're around.

Lisa said...

eeek! I hope everything works out okay!!

ps- my blog is no longer private!


Linda Medrano said...

Poor lady! I wish there were easy answers for taking care of the elderly, but usually there aren't.

The Queen said...

King saw wild animals and cows in our house for the two days before he died..