Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quick, Before Things Change!

I found my man, at least for now. He has been kind and considerate. Yesterday, I got a pedicure from him. All except polish. Then today he wanted to wash my hair for me. After his Dr. appt. today, he wants to take me out to dinner. And then there's all the loving comments throughout the day. I'll keep him. His appt. is with the pulmonalogist. (spell check doesn't recognize this word so,...I do my best. I will try to get the Dr. to do something about all the crap in his throat that wakes him several times a night. He gets up and drinks tea and stuff until he can get it out. I also think he'd benefit from a mucus thinner. We still don't have anyone checking his phrenic nerve stimulator. It's kind of like having an pacemaker implanted and then not having anyone checking it (though his is on a much smaller scale.)
So we got/are getting a beautiful snow. I shoveled some and The Hunter is out blowing snow. We have to leave in about 20 minutes so I will have to give him a holler.
Aunt Dor was much better. I cut her hair after helping her get dressed. The Hunter brought a meal to cook. She loves Walleye so that's what he made. He also showed her how to use her "puffer". It's all good. Peace in the Valley.


Sairs said...

I am glad you have someone so nice in your life. I have a wonderful husband who is very caring as well. It's nice when people care so much :)

Oilfield Trash said...

Congrats on the snow. And the man.

Linda Medrano said...

I'm glad things are peaceful at your place, Honey. Keep warm!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes high blood pressure medicine can give you an awful cough. Until you know what is wrong enjoy the foot rubs. Mmmm...a foot massage sounds so good right now.

Unknown said...

Walleye is good stuff.