Saturday, January 8, 2011

Feels like Ground Hogs Day.

Oh Coffey, damn you crack me up! I planned to get working on our home office again but, is what happens when you're making other plans. So,..what did the day bring? I put away Christmas dishes. :( When (if) I am ever living alone again,...I will be the Christmas house. Yes indeed. Red Carpet, green carpet. Sparkles and lights and nativities and gifts and cookies and Christmas music. And a Christmas Tree. Opps, lost there for a second. Did a load of laundry. The Hunter made homemade cranberries, and banana muffins. I had him try my muffin top (no jokes here, please) pan. Oh yeah. Those were great! Let Belle out and she was a little bitch. She ran her ass off and she was just throwing it all up in my face. She'd pretend to come when I called, then she would take off running in the other direction. So basically, I was outside yelling for her. When she finally came, we go inside and she's like, "Oh, I'm such a good girl and give me a treat." I had a little talk with her. She turns and ducks her head in shame. She listens to The Hunter even though he is "mean" to her at times. Hit a dog on the nose? Hit a dog when she's just been spade without anesthesia? (that was some weirdo "vet" that one of his buddies recommended to him). He also takes her just about everywhere with him. He gives her too many treats. He talks to her almost all day long. For real. Dinner late tonight, which I hate but I think I will go to bed early tonight. That means before tomorrow. Ha! And then we wake up and do it all over again.


Coffeypot said...

I hate it when dogs do that...pretend to come the take off. Makes me want to get one of those training collars that you push a button and the collar gives a shock. But I want to load it with C4 and blow the little fucker to kingdom come.

Sairs said...

I think that's why I have cats. You kind of always know where you stand with cats, they will let you know if they are pissed off or happy. I hate how dogs run off like that too, makes me really mad. I hope you sleep well.

Full-On-Forward said...

I am SO going to follow along here! Spaying a Dog with No anesthesia???? OUCH???

Love the post, and the Blog!!! and our Dog- PLAYS us for treats all the time.

Stay Warm,


Full-On-Forward said...

PS: I Play the soundtrack to "Oh Brother"--all the time!! It's awesome!!


Oilfield Trash said...

The movie Ground Hog Day is a classic and it reminds me of my life.

And I also hate it when dogs do that.

Just Plain Tired said...

Ah... the dog days of January are here I presume?

Kamila said...

We just also take off our christmas tree and anything that goes on Christmas... well... now it's a boring and normal day once again.. x)

hope you can look forward for something nice one day everyday.. x)

Unknown said...

I know the feeling. Sometimes if feels like we live the same day over and over and over and over and over...It never stops!