Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sexy is still back.

Black thong and bloody mary last night too. Too tired/semi-depressed to bother with caps, ok? Rain. Blah.

DIVA - I know, right?
WALKING MAN - I make my own coffee. No take out for me.
VIC - Let me know the results of your tea cup/microwave experiment.
CLOSET HOARDER - Minimizer's, no. You want those puppies up and in. Push and lift.

Weekends are slow blog days for everyone, I know. Me? I don't even know what day it is half the time.
Hey, questions. Is there a way to comment when reading blogs in google reader? Do comment transfer from blogger to reader? If I blog in Google reader, it gives me more options that a woman (like me) who is not smarter than a fifth grader, is able to use. But I want the blog to be able to be read in "regular" blog. I don't know the proper lingo so maybe this makes no sense to anyone. But if you're able to read through the "man is she a dumb fuck" question, feel free to lend me a hand. Thanks.


Becky @ Welcome to my life said...

I don't know if this is what you're talking about, but I have a couple of plugins that I use that allow me to comment on your blog from my Google Reader. (I'm reading this and typing this comment from my Google Reader page). I click on the title of your post and it takes me to your blog inside the reader so I can leave this comment and see if anyone else has left any.

If this is what you're talking about, email me I'll tell you what I use and send links/directions. If not... sorry.

Anonymous said...

No idea... I'm rather useless at managing the blog thing. Basic is the best I can do.

Bloody Mary's always help though, yes?

Joe Cap said...

I don't lost me after the first few sentences at the top of your blog...

Shen said...

I know nothing of the technology your wondering about. Sorry. I do know a little about push-up bras.... haha, minimize??