Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Comcast finally did something right!

C.B. - I think he's pretty well fucked already.
JOE - Guess it makes me sound like a bit of a whore, huh?!

I went to my Susan's today to wait for the cable guy who was coming to install her boxes. He was 3 1/2 hours late. I spent the time doing easy crossword puzzles. (realized I'm still not as smart as a 5th grader.) The cable guy finally arrived. The heavens opened up and the angels sang! Yum. And he was a total flirt. We could have if I would have. Good to know I've still got it!
I guess I will be getting up early to "detail" the vehicles to earn my allowance. Yeah. It's that kind of marriage. If I felt earlier, the way I feel right now, I might have hooked-up with the afore mentioned guy. Nah,I talk a good game but I am actually faithful to a fault. We shall see. Chuck's going hunting for about 3 weeks and I had asked him for money for the flea market. I LOVE going there, but rarely do. Husband 2 and I used to go all the time. I miss it. The few times I got Chuck to go, I would lose him by the 3rd booth. He'd strike up a conversation with someone and I wouldn't see him for hours. This happens everywhere, all the time. I think he would have done well in business as he is really good at networking. Yes it is degrading to have to earn some money. Well, I won't get into all that. Let's just hope I don't accidentally put a big tear in his leather seat. Yeah, I would do the fish under the backseat but I ride in the truck too.
Maybe I will just self-medicate a bit and get to work. Funny thing is, we have to leave at 11 am for his doctor's appt. I hate starting something when I know I won't have time to finish it. Oh well. That's life. At least mine anyway. Kisses!


Anonymous said...

Oh, wives have to earn their allowance, one way or another. If it's not cleaning the truck, it's doing his laundry, or doing bedroom "aerobics" when you don't feel like it. Money never comes without strings or requirements...

Unknown said...

Earn your money and have a good time at the flea market. ;)

And I want to see Belle!!

Unknown said...

oh, and Comcast doesnt do ANYTHING right. Just sayin. I'm at war with them still.

Coffeypot said...

It’s a shame the Comcast Guy didn’t get a chance to lay some cable. I hope you have better reception next time.

Joe Cap said...

Too bad working for Comcast wasn't one of my many many jobs.
I missed out on the perks.

Go have a smoke and relax today.

ComcastCares1 said...

Sorry for the tech being late. If you need anything else, feel free to contact our team at the email below.

Peedee - How can I help?

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Linda Medrano said...

I like Comcast guys, and telephone guys too. I love it when the wear tool belts.