Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A surgeon who DOESN'T want to cut?!?!

Ist of all,
COFFEEPOT - You are too funny!
JOE - You are too kind.
PEEDEE - How'd you get your "How can I help you ?" message in the middle of the comment from comcast on my last post?????
LINDA - Chuck's a retired electrician. I always make him wear just the tool pouch and work boots when we "knock boots".
The surgeon we saw today said that Chuck didn't need surgery for his Thoracic hernia. She said that it would cause no problems. I was very surprised. I mean, it's his long bulging out of his chest wall muscles or ribs or whatever. We will wait and perhaps seek a 3rd opinion in the early spring. It's always good if you can get at least two with the same answers.
Not much else. I felt dizzy today (something different to do , right?) We grabbed a bit and then I went home to nap. Just closed up and put the air on as the humidity is rising and the heat returns tomorrow. I am grateful that we had those couple days to have the house opened up though. I'll see if I want to clean out the car interior tomorrow. It'll be,..what,....120 degrees inside the car, right? So I can at least get 2 1/2 minutes of cleaning done before I expire.


Unknown said...

I got one of those on my Rant post about them 10 months ago too. They must monitor tags and have a search engine that pulls anything with "c.o.m.c.a.s.t." in it.

I found the best solution was to find a field supervisor that WORKED for them and wasnt a sub contractor to help me. I still call him with the techy problems which are still hapening. As far as the crazy billing problems, there is NO help for that.

Mike's Common Sense said...

Sounds like good news, but perhaps you should get a second opinion.

Joe Cap said...

I don't think I could live with something 'bulging out of my chest muscles'...
Around here, usually around the middle of November, it finally cools off enough to turn off the AC and open some windows.
Have I mentioned before how much I HATE summer in Texas??

Linda Medrano said...

I'd get another opinion too. That doesn't sound right to me either.

Coffeypot said...

I think sometimes you just have to go with your instincts. Professional opinions are good, but I try to listen to my inner self, too.