Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I feel so manly.

The things I get rooked into,...Today the village idiot and his down and dirty wife are tackling the bath fan vent and the dryer vent. I can carry a big ladder! Can you? Think my hernia will come back? That'd be ok cuz last time I got to have yummy Dulauded. "I feel good,...na-na-na-na-na. I knew that I would,.." Anyway, I didn't much have to participate in the bath vent other than to climb up tw0 steps of the ladder to hand him my little shop vac. "Course I am scared shitless of ladders so I was holding on for dear life with one hand and balancing the shop vac in the other hand above my head. Talented? Hell yeah!!! The dryer vent (remember,...electrician) was a little more fun. My man ran a fish tape (not to be confused with a tapeworm - which I wouldn't mind having so I could be a size 2 and wear really slutty clothes) through the vent from the outside around a couple elbows in the venting and as I am sitting there trying my best to actually finish the cig I had lit and left about 3 times already,...I heard a wirey noise. I saw that the fish tape thingie was moving outwards so I went over there and pulled a little. I stopped and waited, then it moved again. Then I thought I heard him yelling PULL but then it was very faint and I have been known to hear things. In fact my one friend told me I have to quit telling people when I think I see or hear things. Where was I? Oh, yeah. I pulled a little but then wasn't sure if I was s'posed to be doing that so went inside and hollered down the stairs if he wanted me to pull and he said YES!!!!!!! So I went out and pulled the tape out. He'd connected a rag to the end and when that came out, so did a ton of lint. He asked me to sweep the stairs to the basement cellar which is right by the vent and as I was doing that, he turns the dryer back on. Gee thanks for the mouth full of dryer lint. Blech! So today I feel manly. Maybe I can give my man a chance to get in touch with his feminine side by having him polish my nails tomorrow. Peace.


Ms. A said...

If you DO get him to polish your nails, I want to see the picture!

Crazy Brunette said...

Oh my FUCKING God!!! That sounds soooo much like something I would do whore!!!

Pull! Wait, WHAT? PULL!!! PUSH? Okay!!!

LMAO!!! You're awesome skank! And wearing slutty clothes isn't ALWAYS fun... Sometimes dumb bitches make STUPID comments, then you're forced to take off your heel and beat them with it!!!

Joe Cap said...

I tried to leave a very witty and funny comment, but the blog gods won't let me do it!

Bleah Briann//Lovely said...

:) I replied to your comment on my blog. Thank you for always being so nice, and commenting on my blog. I do notice... believe it or not.

With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

Linda Medrano said...

I love this post, but Honey, you aren't manly. I too hate ladders and anything "hard to do". And we shouldn't have to do that stuff. Poor baby!

You do not have to lose weight to wear slutty clothes. Cute as you are, wear anything you damn well please!

Bleah Briann//Lovely said...

***WARNING*** I'm prolly about to step on your toes... I don't even know why I am doing this at all...

I'm only 15 so perhaps I no nothing about anything, but I'm going to say this, open my big mouth, and possibly lose a follower I deeply cherish. But here I got anyway, this must be insanity at its worst.

You're Christian... I'm pretty sure you are. I mean, I believe that you are. Yet you allow people to leave comments like that ^ on your blog... the second one. I mean personally... I would delete it, because just seeing it kind of puts my stomach in knots, and its not even for me. I wouldn't take that as a compliment, I would be worried about that comment actually.
I didn't get that off of your post, jeez, I'm sorry but thats discusting. Maybe you have no problem with this, and I wouldn't never judge you for it. But the bible says that we're supposed to bring things to your fellow brothers in Christ's attention. And Im' just doing that, even though I feel horrible for doing this.
Please don't be angry.... its just my 15 year old opinion, which prolly means nothing to you.

I love you! God Bless...
With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

Bossy Betty said...

I think you should get a t-shirt with the name of this post on it!!!