Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Batgirl to the rescue yet again!

First of all - to QUEEN, JOE & SINGEDWINGEDANGEL (whom I simply must find a short nickname for) - My man might just like the whole zucchini thing but right now he's too rattled to enjoy anything. He was going to bed but needs a drink now. I told him to do a couple shots but he said that would make him sick. If I needed a quick fix, I would just have a couple shots of Jack.

And to C.B. - First of all, let me thank-you for teaching me a few "words" that even my electrician husband didn't know. He laughed his ass off when I said them to him. Also - the following should leave no doubt in your mind that I am worthy to fight any opponent you may encounter.

I started the day in my usual lackluster mood. Then progressed to depression. I always say, "Go with what you know." Another cup of coffee and another Xanax and I was good to go. Off to Meadow's ball game. Boring? Well consider this,...most games my first husband is there as is my current husband. If my 2nd husband were still alive, there would be nothing that would bother me. Anyway, one teases me, the other makes his asshole comments like this one that I've heard a million times - There are 3 rings in a marriage, the engagement ring, the wedding ring and the suffering. Makes me feel on top of the world when he says that in my presence, right? Call me moody.

Now to address the title of this blog. As some of you earlier followers know, (and I'm too fucking stupid to do a linkie thingie) - I have caught several bats in our house. This evening after my shower I was sitting on the porch having cigs and cappuccino and enjoying my own little pity party, I actually thought I heard a big thud from inside, upstairs. I went in and hollered up the stairs, "Are you alright?" Response, "No I'm not!!!! There's a bat in here!!!!!!!!" So I went up there and here's my man down on his knees at the bed with his head down, covered with a pillow. I told him it would be ok, just to go get me the fishing nets (my weapon of choice). He said he couldn't cuz of the bat. I thought a minute and then I put a long robe over him, removed the pillow and gently guided him downstairs. He actually crawled on hands and knees to the top of the stairs. I told him he had to stand up and walk down the stairs, that I was right behind him. So we made it safely down the stairs, he got me the fishing nets and I told him to breathe. (His C.O.P.D., remember?) I closed the bat off into one room, sent Man outside to open door when I caught the bat. All went ok. Whew! Am I good or what? He thinks the bat came in when he opened the windows (after having the air on for days on end). There are no holes in the screens but maybe one of these times he may be terrified enough that he might repair the holes all over the place. Maybe? Ya think?


Unknown said...

Ahhh sweet karma..nothign like reminding him of exactly where he stands with his fear of the bats lol..I would have looked at him and said 'this is part of the suffering remember' and walked away.. But I am a witch like that.. and you can just call me Angel hun it is my real name lol

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

I like watching bats swoop around the treetops, but I don't think I'd really care for having one in the house.

I think we'll just keep our a/c on. ;)

1 Funky Woman said...

Men, they act so tough but boy are they weenies? My husband had a spider crawl on him and he freaked and screamed like a girl, I loved it! Spiders do nothing to me, rats and mice well thats another story! Ok so rats, mice, drunk pilot on a plane you might as well sign me up for the 6th floor pshye unit!

Thanks for that cheery thought about the pilot, I will definitely be having a drink when I board that plane!

Hope you got that bat out!

Anonymous said...

I would leave the holes as a trophy. Something to say, "I am a badass Batgirl".

Coffeypot said...

Bats are cool. I would like to see one get caught in my bedroom. I would watch it for awhile then smash his ass with rolled up newspaper - if I could get close enough.

Joe Cap said...

Our AC has to stay on all summer, night and day. I doesn't even cool off at night.
So, no bats in our house.

The Queen said...

When we had a bat.. I made the King capture it and call me on the cell when the house was clear..

this was while he was so sick with COPD.. I DON'T CARE..THE MAN KILLS THE BATS AND BUGS.. I'll do rats, snakes and mice... but bats and bugs..that's man's work..

In this case.. cause your man kinda pisses me off the way he treats you.. I would have just looked down at him.. said.. hope the fucker doesn't have rabies..walked out.. and shut the door... cause he pisses me off and that's the way i roll..

Linda Medrano said...

Oh let the bats have him.

Jimmy said...

That may have to be your Sub Title from now on "Batgirl to the rescue" I guess fear can do that to you but I would have been the one with the net, only if I had beat you to it though Ha Ha

Unknown said...

Batgirl. <..>

Ur braver than me. THATS a fact. Next palmetto bug that finds its way in my place, can I hire you??