Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waited all day.

I didn't sleep the best on mon. nite. About 31/2 hours. Was up sick then went back to bed at 7am. at which time my husband was getting up and told me I'd have to get up when he left so I could wait for Fed-Ex. So, I did and fought sleep the whole day, didn't turn on the tv, etc. because this was a very important delivery. Oh - You guessed it! They didn't show. And I s'pose I was stupid to be so vigilant because I see that today my husband is just going about his life as normal. Plus, this huge check he is waiting for (that has to be signed for) isn't for us, it is for him and his son.

Anyway - I will shred all that zucchini and freeze it. I have always grilled or sauteed it. But I will bread and fry it. Do I need to dip it in anything before I bread it? Then my man brings fresh yummy peaches home and wants me to make cobbler. Well alrighty then. It's about 90 degrees out with heat index of 98 and yes, I know that's a joke to those of you who's daily temps. are in the 100's. But then you also know that I hate summer and love winter. A good autumn day is hard to come by. By good, I mean crisp, cool, windy and semi-cloudy.

I still need to dig out my sundresses. It's almost August!!! How lazy am I? I never even put my curtains up on my porch. (Sheers that look so sexy when the breezes are stirring.) Speaking of lazy, it's half past noon. Think I should have breakfast?

Sorry this is boring. I just wanted to let you know I am not dead. HA! I was just writing labels for this post and I wrote sindresses. Could be. You never know.


The Queen said...

dip it in egg before you bread it so it sticks well..

or.. leave it whole and shove it up the man's ass..

either way.. it will serve you well.

Joe Cap said...

Ha ha! Laughing at the Queen's comment.

Unknown said...

roflmbo @Queen.. I second her idea lol..

Coffeypot said...

Sindresses are one of my favorite on women. They are sexy to me. Send pics.

Joe Cap said...

I agree with coffeepot whole-heartedly!

Unknown said...

I just spit water @ the queens comment. lmao.

Beryl said...

IT's way late to comment, but oh I am so agreeing with everyone else here. Queen had me choking on my orange juice this morning...hahahahahaha!

Found ya via Peedee! Hate to mess up your nice round follower number, but I'm so following this blog.