Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love the night life ie:sleep

KATIE - About 500 followers and you took the time to respond to my post. Thanks. I don't know why but it brought a tear to my eye.

QUEEN - At first I thought I was in deep shit with you but here you are just offering to join my party. What a girl! Can't do the gin though. It tastes like a combination of Christmas trees and an oil slick. Give me a good Bloody Mary or even a couple shots of Jack Daniels. Partay!!!!

I guess I am better but then, it is evening and I don't feel the pressure to do things that I won't do anyway. Then there's the dread of tomorrow. Oh - no - it's not like I have a dentist appt. or anything (though I do need to schedule one). It's just another day of shoulds and blah and I'd rather just sleep, etc. I actually have 1 to 2 days a week where I feel good and have the energy and desire to accomplish things. But I never know when those days will arrive so,... Let's hope one shows up tomorrow. I got some flowers my neighbor has neglected to plant and so I will kindly rescue them. And if I don't get to matching up and paying some medical bills, they're gonna put my hernia mess back in and also remove Chuck's (my husband) Frenic Nerve Stimulator and that would not be a good thing. And so it goes. Peace.

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Ms. A said...

Couldn't help but chuckle when you said they might put your hernia mess back in. Sorry.