Monday, June 14, 2010

Damp, rain, dark and repeat.

That's the weather, of course. I think I just need some sun. Not heat mind you, but sun. We have been trying to make our dinners early then eating light in the evenings. I just like having the dinner done and over with.
My man's son and family (inc. our 2 grandkids) are planning to go to the Dells in Wisc. early Aug. and want us to join them. But they are looking at 2 nights in a condo together that would cost us like $500. Really? That doesn't include gas or food and the entertainment is water slides and all kind of things for the kids and these kids already have live in Fl. and have a pool and go away every weekend to some hotel or another, inc. Disney just so daughter-in-law's house doesn't get messy. (Can you say O.C.D.?) So much I could say here but I told my husband that whatever he wants is fine. Yes, we love to spend time with the kids. But does it have to be an expensive deal every time where they are not really in our presence anyway because these water parks are so huge!!! And,'s just crazy. I'd rather we got up in the mornings and watched cartoons in our jammies and played board games and did fun things or went on "wonder walks" to discover and collect nature things. Blow bubbles, roll down hills, fly kites. Oh, I'm sorry. Are these things not fun cuz they don't involve water and lodging and $$$? Yes we have the money. That's not the issue. Anyway - like I said, I am not making this decision but will abide with it no matter what unless I find out I have to leave the property to have a cig.
BTW - My husband agrees with me on this subject.

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Ms. A said...

SO much I could say about this... not going to do it. I totally hear you on the last part!!!